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Strong brands for a strong image – An interview with Victorinox

23.10.2019 12:20 Uhr PSI
 | Yves Dähler, Head of Corporate Business Victorinox.

Yves Dähler, Head of Corporate Business Victorinox.

The promotional product market is growing. Almost 14 billion euros is transacted in haptic advertising in Europe. In Germany alone, it is 3,584 million euros – and rising. More and more major brands are discovering the market for themselves. Read in an interview with Yves Dähler, Head of Corporate Business, why participating in the trade show has been a must for many years for Victorinox, and which trade show highlights visitors to the Victorinox stand can look forward to.

You will be exhibiting at the PSI Trade Show in 2020 with the Victorinox brand. What goal do you hope to achieve at the trade show and what significance does the PSI have for your company?

The PSI Trade Show has a high priority at Victorinox, which is why we invest a lot in our participation there. Our goal is to welcome as many customers and partners as possible during the trade show, to introduce our innovations to them and to thank them for their many years of dedication. The exchange of information at the PSI is also very important to us in order to better understand the future needs of the market.

What potential do you see for your brand in the promotional product industry? What development do you see for brand manufacturers in the promotional product sector?

Foresighted industry customers have long used strong brands to drive and maintain their image. As far as that is concerned, we are already very well positioned with our long tradition in the promotional product sector.

Why do you think brands should focus more on the promotional product market?

Studies show that promotional products always send a message to the sender, no matter what type of article it is. If the gift is "cheap", anti-advertising can quickly arise. That is why we live by the credo: Never give a person something that does not meet your own expectations.

What kind of promotions and product highlights can promotional product distributors, textile companies, advertising technicians, agencies and marketers look forward to at your stand at the PSI 2020?

At the PSI 2020, we will be demonstrating for the first time how a pocketknife is assembled. In addition, we will be organising a "cool" competition in the truest sense of the word and the best thing, of course, is always what we cannot reveal.

Which new products are you taking along to the trade show? Will there be any surprises?

Of course, innovations at Victorinox are always an integral part of the PSI. If I were to reveal them now, there would of course be no surprise effect. Personally, I hope to be surprised by customers and trade show visitors with exciting requirements and ideas that we are allowed to implement.

Thank you for the interview.

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