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PSI Sustainability Awards – deadline extended!

10.05.2016 07:57 Uhr PSI

The promotional products industry is discovering its sustainability – and thus one of its most complex aspects. Compared to last year’s premiere of the PSI Sustainability Awards, the number of companies interested in participating in the promotional products industry’s sustainability competition has jumped this year.

That’s why the Düsseldorf-based PSI, the founder and organiser of the first Sustainability Awards in the history of the industry, heeded multiple calls to push back the submission deadline to 1 June 2016.

This increased interest matches the statistically sound numbers of the latest PSI Industry Barometer, which found that well more than half of major distributors and manufacturers consider sustainability and CSR to be highly significant topics.

PSI Industry Barometer: sustainability highly significant for promotional products industry

As far as products are concerned, 62 per cent of the market’s major distribution partners and 60 per cent of key suppliers stated that sustainably produced and, where applicable, certified products are important or very important for daily business.

But of course sustainability is much more than just a pure product showcase – even in a product-driven market such as the promotional products industry.

Hence industry leaders are now increasingly focussing on CSR and sustainability certificates in their own supply chain, which in turn drives their market. A whopping 86 per cent of leading distribution agencies and a respectable 77.5 per cent of leading suppliers consider CSR and sustainability certificates as well as adequate proof in their partners’ corporate sphere of activity to be highly or extremely relevant.

At the same time, industry leaders have recognised the signs of the times when it comes to their own homework and have aligned themselves accordingly. When asked, 66 per cent of distribution agencies and 69 per cent of supplier partners emphasised the increasing significance of sustainability and CSR proof and certifications.

Commitment to sustainability: participation in the PSI Sustainability Awards

That’s why more and more companies of the international promotional products industry are taking advantage of the opportunity to review and enhance their sustainable-company status by participating in the PSI Sustainability Awards.

Now all promotional products industry actors – from small startups to long-established major players – have until 1 June 2016 to take the important step of applying for the PSI Sustainability Awards:

Committed companies that understand the idea behind sustainability and have started to pursue it are asked to step up. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or a high-profile veteran of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the more-extensive concept of sustainability.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

Everyone has a chance! Awards will be presented in a total of 7 individual categories. Individual category results will be added up to determine the overall winner in Category 8. Please check out the FAQs for detailed answers to possible questions you may have.

You can only apply once as a company, but by paying the flat application fee you’re eligible to compete in up to five individual categories (Economy, Ecology, Social, Ecological Initiative and Social Initiative).

In addition, you can apply separately for the categories Sustainable Product 2016 and Sustainable Campaign 2016.

The application deadline is 1 June 2016!

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