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Marketing mix reloaded – promotional products at the service of offline advertising

06.03.2018 14:35 Uhr PSI
Marketing mix reloaded – promotional products at the service of offline advertising | Marketing mix reloaded – promotional products at the service of offline advertising

Marketing mix reloaded – promotional products at the service of offline advertising

Advertising that constantly gets consumers’ undivided attention? Who is capable of achieving this today? This is like squaring the circle, I can hear you murmur.

The (professional) lives – of not just – marketers and advertisers are jam-packed with activities and are accelerated to the very limits of bearable complexity. Our online existence in the 21st century has its price – payable in a painful currency: time and data = family life and privacy.

The currency of online advertising is so much more scintillating: time, money, ambiguity, advertising reactance and addressees’ resulting attempts to block advertising.

When customers’ interaction consists of avoiding contact

Strange, isn’t it? When the response of the people we “woo” online is limited to installing adblockers and avoiding contact. Avoidance tendencies across the board – at least they are measurable.

But this is not fun and makes little sense for those who have commissioned the advertising. After all, they want to get through to consumers with their message and their products. But how will they ever succeed in doing so if consumers protect themselves on their digital communication devices against any type of advertising like in hurricane shelters?

There is nothing more erratic than online advertising media

The fact is: there has been nothing as erratic as the oscillating set of online advertising tools in a long time. There is something new on the horizon every day – caught between hype and ad fraud.

Influencers come and go even though they have been “knighted” by marketing magazines and dubbed as indispensable – at least at that very moment. This can be all different tomorrow – of course. What’s missing here is continuity, predictability- and it has never been more valuable than today.

Marketing mix reloaded

To some of you this claim may sound familiar. True! Almost 100 years ago (1925!) Westag Communications created it for its customer Klosterfrau Melissengeist: “It has never been more valuable than today.” This may still be true for that famous medicinal herb mixture today but is certainly so for the customers’ acceptance for advertising.

Marketing mix reloaded, so to speak. Because this is where offline advertising comes into play. Or to be more precise: advertising media at the service of analogue advertising. There’s life in the old dog yet – they say – and this is confirmed by various and constantly updated studies on the use and impact of promotional products every year.
91% of all promotional product recipients use “their” promotional product, according to a GWW impact study from 2017 – showing appreciation instead of avoidance as a reflex action. So it does not come as a surprise that promotional products reach 85% of the population from the age of 14 on an average day.

Stake “analogue claims” within your marketing mix!

Somewhere in the midst of all the digital media hype analogue advertising carriers are doing their job. Unspectacular but with outstanding KPIs in terms of acceptance, utility and visual contacts with customers. Tangible, popular items that bridge the gap to any type of advertising reactance.

And offline advertising with promotional products can also score points with another spectacular plus: unrivalled value for money. Low budgets but accepted, measurable advertising impact.

“Stones to build upon” – is yet another famous claim (used by home loan bank Schwäbisch Hall). And again, right to the point. Stake your analogue claim within your marketing mix! At the end of the day this will also promote your target group’s acceptance for your online advertising.

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