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Haptic brand ambassadors with a positive reminder value

30.10.2019 09:53 Uhr PSI
 | Harry Saffer, Managing Director of  Schwan-STABILO.

Harry Saffer, Managing Director of Schwan-STABILO.

The promotional product market is growing. Almost 14 billion euros is transacted in haptic advertising in Europe. This figure is around 3.6 billion euros in Germany alone and rising. Numerous strong brands present their products at the PSI. In an interview with Harry Saffer, Managing Director of Schwan-STABILO, you can read why every year the PSI provides him and his team motivation for the new year and what innovations the manufacturer of brand-name pens will be bringing along to the trade show in 2020.

You will be exhibiting at the PSI Trade Show in 2020 with the Schwan-STABILO brand. What do you aim to achieve at the trade show and what significance does the PSI have for your company?

We look forward to holding discussions with our distributor partners, to convincing promotional product consultants and their industry customers of brand-name promotional products, to establishing new contacts and enthusing them about STABILO. We gladly utilise the international orientation of the PSI to cultivate our foreign relations. The PSI is also an important event to motivate and prepare our team for the new year.

What potential do you see for your brand in the promotional product industry? Or rather what development do you notice for brand manufacturers in the promotional product sector?

We see increasing potential for the STABILO brand in the promotional product market. Especially because of the current sustainability debate. Issues such as short delivery routes, buying in Europe and using environmentally friendly materials are becoming increasingly important. The quality and value of brand-name products also play an important role.

Why do you think brands should focus (more) on the promotional product market?

The promotional product provides a haptic impression of a brand with a positive reminder value. As a promotional product, a brand product promises a particularly sustainable advertising effect.

What kind of promotions and product highlights can promotional product distributors, textile manufacturers, advertising technicians, agencies and marketers look forward to at your stand at the PSI 2020?

We will be bringing along innovations and brilliant ideas from the areas of writing, painting and luminous marking to the PSI 2020. In the ballpoint pen segment, we will be introducing new colours and the sustainability of our assortment is still important to us. Visitors to the STABILO stand can look forward to an exciting promotion on writing and handwriting.

Which new products will you be bringing along to the trade show? Will there be any surprises?

The PSI is the first, important event of the year and thus the starting signal and the highlight event for presenting new products. The secret will be revealed at the PSI.

Thank you for the interview.

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