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Sustainable Company: Schneider wins!

11.09.2017 10:30 Uhr PSI Sustainability Awards
PSI Sustainability Awards - Winner Category 8 |

The “Sustainable Company” is: Schneider Schreibgeräte! The jury recognised “the company that managed three times to finish in the Top Three and place in the Top Four in another two categories. Schneider Schreibgeräte wins because of a remarkable and very well and broadly documented range of achievements”.

Exemplary in all areas, Schneider’s commitment to environmental compatibility and sustainability has for decades been reflected in the Black Forest-based company’s corporate policy and is a determining factor for its business conduct.

Industry trailblazer

This attitude is visible and verifiable in the company having been certified in accordance with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) since 1998. EMAS is a voluntary European Union instrument aimed at supporting companies in continuously improving their environmental performance. It’s among the world’s most demanding environmental management systems, requiring regulations that are more stringent than, for example, ISO 14001. Schneider wasn’t just the first maker of writing instruments to hold this valuable certificate; for over ten years, it was also the only one. That makes Schneider an industry trailblazer, the first to elevate environmentally friendly production to a declared goal before systematically implementing it. In addition to a consolidated and validated environmental statement published every three years, Schneider also provides additional information in a sustainability report full of facts that back up their slogan “We Care”.

Responsibility in all areas

Schneider’s commitment to responsible business practices is structured along three main lines. The first line relates to materials and waste, the second to energy. The third line goes beyond the environment and puts the emphasis on people. The keyword is “social responsibility”. Schneider sees itself as an active part of society – and as such responsible for the conscientious treatment of the people involved in the making of their products. Recycling – probably no other topic is debated more intensely and controversially. In this context, Schneider believes in an approach that could be described at positive-pragmatic. Product quality and waste minimisation irrevocably are the top priorities. Additionally, the company checks to see where the use of recycled materials and bioplastics is appropriate.

Clean energy, efficient use

As an environmentally conscious company, Schneider places great importance on energy as well. In the recent past, Schneider has expended a lot of effort to do away with any sources of energy that consume non-renewable resources or, worse, pollute or endanger the environment. They finally achieved that goal in 2010 when the complete conversion to renewable energy was finalised.

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