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11.09.2017 09:00 Uhr PSI Sustainability Awards

Promotional products are sustainable! And the PSI Sustainability Awards impressively demonstrate that fact to the outside world. For the third time now, the awards were presented at a festive ceremony at the Kurhaus Wiesbaden. The list of celebrity guests taking part in the glamorous evening gala illustrates the great response the initiative for sustainability has received even outside the industry.

Among the participants was Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, the respected science journalist and founder of the National German Sustainability Award, who opened the awards gala together with PSI managing director Michael Freter and moderated two exciting panel discussions. With 1,500 TV broadcasts covering science, the environment and politics for the networks ZDF and 3sat under his belt, Stefan Schulze-Hausmann is one of the most renowned television journalists and hosts in Germany. He also moderates conferences, panel discussions and evening events for ministries, research institutions, associations and corporations. Topics are based on his expertise in the fields of science and research, sustainability, mobility, environment and politics. In his role as managing director of Coment GmbH, he’s been producing events at the intersection of business, politics and media since 1990. He created the National German Sustainability Award in 2008. In 2016, he was recognised with the “Building Future Award” for his long-time, multi-faceted commitment to sustainability.

Just like last year, TV moderator Tamara Sedmak served as the host for the illustrious night-time PSI Sustainability Awards gala, winning over the audience with her trademark Swiss charm. Check out our picture gallery for a vivid initial impression of a meaningful event with many happy winners, all of whom are already today making a valuable contribution to an industry that’s headed toward a sustainable future.

Category 1 - Economic Excellence


With a both comprehensive and scrupulously documented submission BIC Graphic Europe has won this category.

Based on a strictly structured quality management system BIC has also created the foundation for outstanding performances in environmental and social management - as documented by their exemplary reporting.

Category 2 - Environmental Excellence

Schwan-STABILO Promotion Products GmbH & Co. KG

As a winner Schwan-STABILO has documented its in-depth appreciation of the ecological dimension of sustainability in every field of activity.

These include especially the ecological design of production and corporate processes, the development of ecological product ranges as well as sustainable construction.

Category 3 - Social Excellence

Halfar System GmbH

The winner here is the BSCI member HALFAR with a documented sustainability network that also includes the integration company “prosigno” headquartered at the Halfar building.

“The involved shareholders and stakeholders act in a spirit of inclusion, integration and family friendliness – also vividly illustrated in the latest CSR Report.”

Category 4 - Environment Initiative

Halfar System GmbH

“Halfar goes Oxygen” – Even the first cut of the spade for the new building back in 1999 formed part of a sustainability strategy. The “Initiative 100% CO2-neutral” was completed by a complete change-over to green electricity in 2017.

The jury recognised “a very consistent initiative and holistic approach without stand-alone solutions that is consistently implemented across the entire company.”

Category 5 - Social Initiative

Brand Addition GmbH

Brand Addition’s  integrated approach to their staff’s wellbeing and health initiative brought the victory in this category.

The jury recognises the “extensively documented staff-care model, that is based on an elaborate, active work-life balance with many incentives and a sophisticated support system.“

Category 6 - Sustainable Product 

FARE-Guenther Fassbender GmbH - AOC mini pocket-umbrella ÖkoBrella

FARE wins with its AOC mini pocket-umbrella ÖkoBrella.

As an advertising medium this double-action pocket umbrella combines sustainability with high utility.

The jury felt this is „an outstanding product, manufactured from sustainable materials – very well documented with proven certifications.“

Category 6 - Sustainable Product -Product Set-

BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE S.A. - BIC Evolution Ecolutions Colouring Set

BIC wins with the “BIC Evolution Ecolutions Colouring Set”! All plastic parts contain 50 per cent recycled materials in compliance with ISO 14021 standards. All paper components are FSC certified.

“A sustainably implemented concept specifically for the target group children. Also worth highlighting are the excellently documented social standards in production.“

Category 6 - Sustainable Product -Product Line-

Schwan-STABILO Promotion Products GmbH & Co. KG - STABILO GREENLine 

Schwan-STABILO wins with the STABILO GREENLine! The product line’s GREENcolors and GREENgraph stand for sustainable pencils made from FSC certified wood, while GREENfancy is all about bio-plastics and GREEN BOSS contains mostly recycled plastics.

“A compellingly thought-through, fully certified product line that shows on how many levels the ecological lever can be applied in green advertising.”

Category 6 - Sustainable Product -Writing Instruments-

uma Schreibgeräte GmbH & Co. KG - recycled PET PEN

uma wins with the “recycled PET PEN”! PET, the raw material used for the upcycling product, is recovered from the recycling process of PET bottles and is, of course, itself recyclable again.

“A successful concept, especially when considering the joint communication concept with Bionade and the product’s regional identity. A success story!”

Category 6 - Sustainable Product -Textile-

Samoa Regenponcho e.U. - Bio-Regenponcho®

Samoa Regenponchos wins with the Bio-Regenponcho®! Manufactured from GMO-free maize flour (aka cornstarch), lightweight, tear-resistant, reusable. Rain poncho and ink certified with OK Compost seal, 100% biodegradable.

“It’s all about mass: in the age of mass festivals and open-air events, a sustainable giveaway that makes a massive contribution to waste prevention.”

Category 6 - Sustainable Product -Paper-

Zettler Kalender GmbH - Agrar Calendar Series

Zettler wins with the “Agrar Calendar Series”! The PaperWise paper is produced from plant remains using 100% green energy from biofermentation. It’s carbon neutral, unbleached, biodegradable and recyclable up to 7 times.

“Innovative recycling of agricultural waste plus local manufacturing. The series carries a number of excellent certifications.”

Category 7 - Sustainable Campaign

EMSA GmbH - Dich behalt ich!

EMSA convinced the jury with its retail campaign “Dich behalt ich!” (I’ll stick to you) for the waste-avoiding coffee-to-go “TRAVEL MUG“.

“A clear and simple message with a good storyline which is also received well by means of a plausible channel mix. Also striking is the “spill-over effect” this retail campaign has on the article’s use as a promotional product.”

Category 8 - Sustainable Company of the Year 2017

Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH

The company that already succeeded in ranking among the Top Three in this category three times and among the Top Four in two other categories stayed a nose ahead at the end of the day.

Schneider Schreibgeräte is the overall winner of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2017 due to a striking and both very well and explicitly documented wealth of activities.

1. Special Award - Start-up

Just So Clothing company Ltd

Just so Clothing is the Startup 2017! A transparent online platform with the ethical mission of economically supporting women artisans from South Asia, Egypt and South Africa in terms of product development, supply chain transparency and mobile payments.

“A transparent business model that pursues the goal of lifting 250,000 women and their families out of poverty within 5 years deserves our support!”

2. Special Award - #Influencer of the Year 2017

PF Concept International B.V.

The Special Award “#Influencer of the Year“ goes to PF Concept. The PSI Sustainability Award recognises the Flowchart concept for compliant-product search and analysis as well as the controlled compliance management of supply chains - the "Vendor Social Compliance Protocol".

“Two concrete initiatives with traceable results as part of a clearly sustainable corporate philosophy. Strategy and implementation are underscored by documentation in the form of a Sustainability Report.”

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