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Forecasting the future with certainty is rather difficult. Both the promotional products industry and the state of the economy are changing so rapidly that one can frequently only react rather than act. To be able to act as often as possible you need the right kind of pertinent industry information as well as studies that, among other things, let you extrapolate trends. The PSI delivers such information in regular intervals.

PSI Industry Barometer

With the PSI Industry Barometer, the PSI has designed its own market research tool which twice yearly surveys the current state and latest trends of the promotional products industry. Results are available exclusively and free of charge to PSI members.


Promotional Products Monitor

The Promotional Products Monitor reveals a representative snapshot of promotional products deployment by German companies and the significance of promotional products in the companies’ communication mix. This objective and dependable study is commissioned regularly by the GWW, the German umbrella association of the promotional products industry.