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11.09.2017 10:30 Uhr PSI Sustainability Awards

Sustainable Company: Schneider wins!

The “Sustainable Company” is: Schneider Schreibgeräte! The jury recognised “the company that managed three times to finish in the Top Three and place in the Top Four in another...

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11.09.2017 09:00 Uhr PSI Sustainability Awards

Sustainability with excellent results

Promotional products are sustainable! And the PSI Sustainability Awards impressively demonstrate that fact to the outside world. For the third time now, the awards were...

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11.09.2017 08:00 Uhr PSI Sustainability Awards

Just so Clothing is the Startup 2017!

The company Just so Clothing took home the winner’s trophy in the “Startup 2017” category for a transparent online platform with the ethical mission of economically supporting...

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The #Influencer of the Year is: PF Concept!

The special award “#Influencer of the Year” goes to PF Concept. The jury honoured the “flow chart” concept for compliant product search and analysis and the controlled...

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05.09.2016 09:23 Uhr PSI / PSI Sustainability Awards

The winners of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2016

Sustainability isn’t a trend, it’s an obligation. With that credo in mind, the PSI in 2016 again presented the PSI Sustainability Awards. Though only in its second year, the...

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01.08.2016 08:54 Uhr PSI / PSI Sustainability Awards

More and more companies without a sustainability profile will achieve less and less

Pacemaker for the promotional products industry: The PSI Sustainable League Throughout the global economy, CSR and sustainability are implemented and promoted at an...

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07.07.2016 13:16 Uhr PSI Sustainability Awards

Sustainability, the topic of the future: The nominees for the PSI Sustainability Awards 2016

Optimising processes, services and products, protecting the environment and creating fair working conditions: the PSI Sustainability Awards 2016 show how the promotional products industry is effectuating all this. They also show how the industry is taking its own initiative on this issue and how the promotional product can be used as a product or part of a sustainability campaign.

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