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12.11.2019 10:34 Uhr PSI

Update: Product Finder webserver malfunction is fixed!

The world-wide server malfunction of our Product Finder webservers is now fixed and the Product Finder is up and running again. We are very sorry for any inconveniences and hope that the rest of your workday is great!

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30.10.2019 09:53 Uhr PSI

Haptic brand ambassadors with a positive reminder value

The promotional product market is growing. Almost 14 billion euros is transacted in haptic advertising in Europe. This figure is around 3.6 billion euros in Germany alone and...

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23.10.2019 12:20 Uhr PSI

Strong brands for a strong image – An interview with Victorinox

The promotional product market is growing. Almost 14 billion euros is transacted in haptic advertising in Europe. In Germany alone, it is 3,584 million euros – and rising. More...

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18.10.2019 15:51 Uhr PSI

PSI shipping point 2020: New name – Tried and trusted service

This year, the tried and trusted shipping point will be positioned at a new location in Hall 11, Stand D59 under a new name: ZTV LOGISTIK has been renamed QTRADO LOGISTICS...

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11.12.2018 11:26 Uhr PSI

Brand glitz & trademark traps: How to stay on the right side of the law when dealing with trademarks and licenses

The creation of brands and trademarks requires skills, including financial ones. So does safeguarding them in the market. Doing licensing business with the most popular ones, meanwhile, is an art of its own. That’s why licensing & merchandising is a perennial issue for the promotional products industry, too.

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04.08.2018 14:08 Uhr PSI

PSI, PromoTex Expo and viscom: Comprehensive WLAN

Attendees of the three parallel trade shows PSI, PromoTex Expo and viscom – irrespective of whether they are exhibitors or visitors – can look forward to excellent digital...

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30.07.2018 08:49 Uhr PSI

The state of school marketing? Strong! Why education depends on sponsorships

It’s the same every year: children starting or getting back to school receive promotional items. Aimed at providing expert advice, SEO-optimised texts are piling up all over the Internet. What’s remarkable: they all more or less reflect the same experience...

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18.07.2018 14:51 Uhr PSI

Promotional products & school marketing: Field trip to the world of commerce?

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be going “back to school” again. The next stage of life for the next generation of pupils also is a favourite time of the year for the deployment of promotional products. After all, what’s growing up here happens to also represent the next potential class of consumers...

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28.06.2018 15:11 Uhr PSI

2020, 2025, 2030 – and you’re out? Plastics Report 2018, Part 3

2020, 2025, 2030. A lot will change at those intervals, in all areas. Saying this isn’t meant as a value judgment, at least not initially. In the third and final instalment of our Plastics Report we’re interested in what to expect when it comes to plastics as an industrial material and packaging in general...

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20.06.2018 14:51 Uhr PSI

The EU “plastics ban” – and its effects. Plastics Report 2018, Part 2

The EU’s recently unveiled plastics strategy is a mix of plastic bans, regulations and quotas. It’s clearly too much for some; for others, it’s too little and still just window dressing. The only thing that’s clear...

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