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PSI Sustainability Awards

A competition that leads the way

PSI Sustainability AwardsSustainability has long been a hot topic in the promotional products industry. Taking responsibility for balance between economy, ecology and social and their transparent documentation, is what many companies prove with individual certificates. The promotional products industry needs a sustainable face. The number of certified companies and products is already immense but orderly outwards slightly.

That’s why the PSI jumped into action and created the PSI Sustainability Awards – a competition that leads the way as the first event to recognise with an award the promotional products industry’s sustainability potential and distinct self-responsibility.

The PSI Sustainability Awards were first awarded in September 2015, a total of eight categories. Goal: to make sustainability measurable.

Terms of Conditions of Participation 2021

Structure and Categories 2021



Winners of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2019

Ceremony of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2019

TrophäeCSR and sustainability

As an entirely new event, the PSI Sustainability Awards truly leads the way into the future. For the first time ever, these awards will honour the sustainable potential and distinct self-responsibility of the promotional products industry.

In times of shrinking resources and increasing costs, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are emerging as key issues for corporations.

Every enterprise is tasked with finding the right balance between economic, ecologic and social concerns while maintaining transparent documentation thereof through certificates and seals.

Many major brands and SMEs have already committed to the principles of CSR and sustainability, and they expect the same from their suppliers. What’s more, the link between long-term business success on the one hand and environmental protection and social responsibility on the other is already a recurring theme in legislation coming out of Berlin and Brussels.

The promotional products industry has been responding to these developments with increasing dynamism. Underscoring this fact are numerous certificates and in-house initiatives in areas such as quality management/economy (EFQM, ISO 9000 ff. and others), environmental protection/economy (EMAS, ISO 14000 ff. and others), FSC, The Blue Angel, OEKO-TEX 100plus and others (ecological products) as well as working conditions (SA8000, BSCI, OHSAS 18001, OHRIS and others) and social/societal commitment.

Trademarks and competition strengthen the promotional products industry

The PSI Sustainability Awards won’t just revolutionise the product award rubric. These new awards are much more than a pure product prize – they’ll recognise sustainability achievements comprehensively.

Those who are tackling the issue on their own initiative rather than waiting to chase pending regulations will hugely increase their competitiveness and prospects of success.

Here’s how Klaus Töpfer, environmental expert and former German environment minister, put it recently at the presentation of a sustainability award presented by the German business sector: “Someone who doesn’t incorporate the environment in their quality won’t be able to succeed economically. That’s the decisive point."

For additional details on the PSI Sustainability Awards, please refer to the FAQs.