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New edition of the PSI Novelty Box is coming soon!


The first sendout in 2021 will go out in March - and there will be one more sendout in September.

This smart tool presents product novelties in a compact, exclusive and very effective and memorable way. The advantages and benefits of featured products can be experienced firsthand. Another benefit: All included products are also featured in the PSI ProductFinder. The eye-catching PSI Novelty Box is also a very cost-effective way for manufacturers and suppliers to position their products with distributors. The PSI Novelty Box will be sent to 2,150 dealers. The cost for 2,150 mailings is 2,945.00 EUR, which corresponds to a contact price of only 1.37 EUR.

During thes difficult times, where personal contacts are limited, the PSI Novelty Box is an excellent way to let your new product speak for itself. Nothing transmits the true value of a product better than the touch and feel of it!

Participants simply have to send their products and the corresponding information to our central handling center in Germany. PSI then takes over and handles the packaging, shipping and production of the enclosed brochure.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Increased attention and awareness for your products among resellers
  • Increased awareness of your brand or company
  • Low contact price (just 1,37 EUR / individual contact)
  • Support resellers in their sales activities of your products
  • Save time and cost for logistics


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