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Warp-knitted fabrics are formed by interlooping adjacent parallel vertical strands of yarn. Many needles simultaneously create a number of stitches next to each other.
Warp-knitted fabrics possess many advantages: They offer a high level of mechanical stability, do not develop any runs or ladders and are very good at absorbing perspiration; however, they possess only limited elasticity.

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Workwear is an important aspect of a company's corporate image (CI) and/or corporate design (CD). Workwear that is designed and manufactured according to a company's CD guidelines is often referred to as corporate fashion in the promotional products and advertising media industry. By wearing such workwear, the employees and staff of a company actively represent their company in front of customers (e.g. a repair technician at a customer's home or sales assistant serving a customer in a shop).
Workwear is also a form of promotional product and advertising media. As workwear often bears a company's slogan, the employee is conveying it by wearing this advertising media and personally representing the company.

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Woven Fabrics are formed by weaving two or more sets of yarn interlaced at right angles to each other (warp and weft).

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