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The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an international testing and certification system for textiles, limiting the use of certain chemicals. The term arises mainly in conjunction with textile promotional products and advertising media.
The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 was developed and introduced in 1992 by the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute (Hohenstein Institut) and the Austrian Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation (Institut für Ökologie, Technik und Innovation ÖTI) in Vienna. The aim of the two institutes was to develop a system for the labelling of conventionally produced textiles as products that are laboratory-tested and certified as not harmful to health. The labelling of these textiles and textile promotional products and advertising media for the consumer occurs with the Oeko-Tex label ('Confidence in Textiles') on the individual textile products and promotional products.
Textile products and textile promotional products that bear the label are certified as not exceeding the defined critical values for harmful substances. In addition, the Oeko-Tex label has established itself as an additional quality assurance tool for manufacturers of textiles and textile promotional products and advertising media.
The Oeko-Tex certificate documents compliance with human ecological quality standards for the end-consumer, as well as any downstream production processes.

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Offline Marketing refers to any advertising measures and marketing campaigns (e.g. promotional products, giveaways or promotional gifts) that are not carried out on the Internet.
Offline marketing includes, e.g. advertising in print media (newspapers, magazines, etc.), posters and billboards, flyers and brochures, and radio and television commercials. Offline marketing can also refer to the use of promotional products and advertising media, or their use to accompany or support other offline marketing measures.
Offline marketing addresses existing customers or potential customers, who are not looking for specific products on the Internet. It is offline marketing that addresses potential customers and draws their attention to the advertised product, brand, manufacturer or service, leading them to search for it on the Internet and find it on the supplier's website. Offline marketing may also occur in the form of a promotional product stating a URL and thus pointing a customer to a company's website and products.
The combination of offline and online marketing has also proved successful. This method of marketing attracts a lot of attention among consumers, especially in the case of new products and brands that are being promoted offline, and attracts potential customers to the online offer of the respective manufacturer, supplier or distributor.

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Offset Printing, or offset lithography, is an indirect printing process in which an inked image on a flat printing plate is transferred to a rubber blanket before being pressed onto the printing surface of the promotional product. This printing process is used for printing books, packaging, business cards, stationery, brochures, catalogues, etc. Offset printing can also be used to print on promotional products and advertising media, for example, when manufacturing paper flags, paper bags or other paper products.

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On-packs are promotional products, giveaways or promotional gifts that come with a purchased product as advertising media. They are usually attached to the exterior of the product and placed "on" the product. The customer is given the promotional product for free with the product, which in turn increases the incentive to purchase the product. The promotional product is also intended to increase the exclusiveness of the product. The advertising media could, for example, be a voucher that becomes valid with the purchase of the product. Another fitting promotional gift could be a coffee cup and saucer with imprint, which the customer is given for free as a promotional product with a purchased coffee machine.

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An Online Service is a commercial or non-profit provider that allows its customers to access an (own or open) computer network and its own content in the network in question. Almost all existing online services offer access to the Internet as an integral component. This summarized Wikipedia definition applies, for example, to the PSI online services: "PSI Product Finder 2.0", "PSI Showroom" and "PSI Promotional Products Marketplace

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