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Napping, or scrubbing, is a brushing technique used to raise a nap on smooth fabrics; it gives textile promotional products or advertising media a soft, fluffy appearance and makes them warmer and more absorbent.
The fabric is passed over a series of revolving cylinders with fine wire brushes, lifting the short, loose fibres and creating the well-known flannel or fleece effect. These napped fabrics are often used when manufacturing sweatshirts as promotional products and advertising media.

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Newsletters are sent by e-mail to keep customers and potential customers up-to-date on what is happening in your company or inform them about new products. Many websites offer you the option to subscribe to newsletters so that you are always kept up-to-date and do not have to go out in search of news yourself. How often newsletters are sent out varies from company to company; however, they are usually sent out monthly. It is important that recipients are able to easily unsubscribe from newsletters without any great effort or obstacles if they are no longer interested in receiving them. Newsletters enable you to also reach customers who are not in your direct vicinity.

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The purpose of giveaways is to establish and promote contact to customer, potential customers and business partners. Non-selective articles are manufactured and distributed among consumers in large quantities at large events. These promotional products usually cost very little. Their aim is to attract interest and attention to your company. They represent your first step towards a successful business relationship or future sales agreements. Giveaways also include mailing products.

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Nylon is a synthetic fibre made from polyamide that can be manufactured in a very fine quality. It is also used to manufacture certain textile promotional products and advertising media. It was invented by W.H. Carothers and has been a fixed component of the fashion world since the 1950s.
Nylon is especially easy to clean, hard-wearing, crease-resistant and quick-drying. These qualities make nylon one of the ideal materials for manufacturing promotional products and advertising media (e.g. nylon umbrellas, nylon sports bags, etc.).

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