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Mailing products are promotional products that can be sent by mail. They enable you to also reach customers and prospective customers who are not in your direct vicinity. Suitable mailing products are not only small giveaways, but also product samples. Mailing products can be used to reach all households and attract the attention of a large target group.

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The PSI Promotional Products Marketplace is an auction platform for promotional products. High-quality promotional products come under the hammer at low prices on the promotional products industry's very own B2B trading platform. Special items and remaining stock of promotional products are sold either in classic auctions or direct sales. PSI members can auction promotional products or sell them directly at a fixed price at the PSI Marketplace for promotional products.
Promotional products suppliers and distributors that are PSI members can conveniently check the current special offers of PSI manufacturers online and purchase them at affordable prices in the auctions or direct sales.

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Mercerisation is an additional process in the dyeing of cotton used to manufacture textile promotional products and advertising media. The mercerisation process gives the fabric a smooth, lustrous appearance and increases its ability to absorb dyes. Materials that have been treated with this finish are used to manufacture very high quality promotional products.
The process involves immersing the material under tension in a cold sodium hydroxide solution (caustic soda) and later neutralising it in acid. The process causes a permanent swelling of the fibre, which increases its strength and durability, results in a softer, more lustrous yarn/fabric.

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Merchandising is another word for sales promotion. Merchandising in the promotional products industry refers especially to advertising for brand-name products and increasing the awareness of consumers for these products. Merchandising is an international term.

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Metal-decorating, usually in the form of offset printing, is used as the printing process for printing on cans and other tin packaging. A primer is applied before the actual pressing and the tins are dried in an oven afterwards.

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Microfibre is a modern, high-tech fibre, usually made of polyester. Millions of micro-fine fibres form a fabric that is highly resistant to wind and rain, yet still allows body moisture to be transported to the outside. Textile promotional products and advertising media that are made from microfibre therefore offer a high level of wear comfort and are consequently very popular as high-quality promotional gifts.

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