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In-packs are promotional products and giveaways that are supplied with a product inside its packaging in an attempt to increase product activity. These small premiums that accompany the customer's purchase are called advertising media, promotional products or promotional gifts. The customer basically receives a free promotional product with their purchased product and the promotional gift can be entered in the costing at cost price.

In-packs are often perceived as collectibles and sometimes even achieve cult status. The value of the promotional products and advertising media, which are often only produced in limited quantities, increases among the collectors from year to year. Some customers even only buy a product because of the coveted promotional products and giveaways contained inside the in-packs. The Kinder egg surprise is a true classic among in-packs.

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Incentives in the form of promotional products, giveaways and promotional gifts are among the most effective marketing tools that exist today and offer countless opportunities to enlarge the current customer base or 'reactivate' a company's passive existing customers.

Incentives can be promotional products, give-aways, promotional gifts or other advertising media, and can be used in many different ways. They usually leave a positive impression with the customer. An incentive could, for example, be a free promotional product that is added to the customer's order (e.g. as a thank you for their order). Incentives in the form of advertising media can also be used to reactivate existing customers, who have been inactive for a long time, by inviting them to familiarise themselves with the product portfolio again and motivating them to order the products or services again.

Many studies have shown that customers generally associate positive sentiments with promotional products, give-aways, promotional or exclusive items, and the companies that supply them consequently leave behind a positive impression with customers.

The sentiment of getting something for free or being able to benefit from offers that are not available to other customers often leads people to recommend a company or at least tell family and friends that one was able to get something at a very low price and benefit from advantages. Incentives in the form of advertising media significantly improve sales figures, both in the retail trade and mail order business.

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Incentives are cash and non-cash bonuses, events or trips that are offered by companies to influence, motivate or reward individuals (for example, customers, employees, business partners, politicians, etc.).
The word 'incentive' comes from the Latin 'incentivum', meaning 'something that sets the tune or incites' and 'incantare', meaning 'to chant or charm'. Its original meaning can be compared to the German word 'Anreiz'.

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Innovation means 'a new idea' or 'the introduction of something new'. Innovative promotional products are products that are new on the market and currently in; they can also be classic products with a new design or idea. Innovation is very important when choosing a promotional gift, an innovative product that is used for advertising purposes shows the recipient that your company is up-to-date and moves with the times.

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Interlock is a fine gauge, compound knitted fabric with the same appearance and feel on both sides. It is also a popular material in the production of textile promotional products and advertising media. Interlock is formed by interknitting two separate ribbed fabrics to form one with a left/right stitch formation. As a result of the combination of the two rib knitted structures, only face stitches are visible on both sides and the reverse stitches are covered by the face stitches and difficult to detect. This results in a warm, elastic and smooth surface of the fabric, that almost entirely rules out the development of any runs or ladders.
Interlock knitted fabrics are used to manufacture promotional products and advertising media in the form of high-quality underwear and T-shirts.

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The international network for the promotional product industry, or PSI for short, provides solutions and information for the promotional products industry. The PSI business model is membership-based. The PSI actively supports its members by helping them to offer outstanding products and services and achieve greater efficiency.

For example, the PSI offers its members the following industry-specific solutions and services:

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