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A fan article is a product that allows the owner to show their liking or enthusiasm for a certain thing, and to consequently also display its advertising message. Fan articles are particularly successful and effective in football, and are especially suited to major tournaments such as the Football World Cup or European Championships.

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The different printing and imprinting processes that are used to apply your logo or slogan to advertising media are called finishing processes. Many different possibilities exist and they vary not only in terms of price, but also with regard to the materials that they can be used on. The finishing processes are used to turn the products into what they should be: successful promotional gifts that convey a message to the customer and are not easily forgotten.

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Fleece (also called polar fleece or micro-polar fleece) is used mainly in high-functionality sportswear and casual wear. During winter it is used as an insulating, warm and cosy fabric, and during the summer it is worn in a much lighter form. During recent years, textile promotional products and advertising media made from polar fleece have become highly popular promotional products and gifts. The use of textile promotional products in the form of promotional gifts and advertising media is especially popular during the autumn and winter months.

Fleece is an extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean fabric because, unlike natural fibres, the polyester fibres absorb hardly any moisture. As a result of these advantages and its wear comfort, polar fleece is often employed for textile promotional products and advertising media.
The additional integration of FreshGuard neutralises practically all odours. The clothing does not smell and feels fresh. FreshGuard does not come out in the wash, remaining untouched for over 50 washes. In addition, it preserves the natural protection of the skin. All of these factors guarantee that these high-quality textile promotional products will have a lasting advertising effect.

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Flexography, or flexo printing, is a direct, high-pressure printing process similar to letterpress. In this method, a flexible relief plate (usually photopolymer) with low-viscosity ink is wrapped around a cylinder. As the paper moves under the plate, it is pressed against it by another roller, and the ink is transferred onto the substrate.
Flexo printing is widely used for printing on packaging and bags.

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Flocking is a process by which flock (ground or chopped textile fibre fragments) is transferred onto the surface of textile promotional products and advertising media, which have been prepared with an adhesive. The finely chopped fibres are applied by means of dusting, air-blasting or electrostatic attraction. The result is an even, durable surface that gives the textile promotional products and gifts a soft, silky feel.
Flock is available in different colours, lengths and thicknesses. The process of flocking is especially suited for large fonts, logos and motifs on textile promotional products.
Alternatively, one can also use a special film that melts onto the surface of the textile promotional products and advertising media in the desired form when applied with a certain temperature and pressure.

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Four colour process printing (or multicolour printing) allows the reproduction of coloured originals with gradients (photos, images, etc.).
Four colour process printing employs the following four standard colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK).
Before printing, the four (CMYK) process printing colours are separated (either photographically or electronically/digitally) into raster dots in their primary colours to allow for professional printing.
The result is one lithographic film per printing colour. These lithos are used to create the four printing plates required for four colour process printing (one in each of the four colours) and to ensure the precise alignment (register) of the colours in the finished product.

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French Terry is a variety of terry, which is identified by its uncut looped pile. French terry features the highly absorbent looping and piling of the fabric on one side only; the other side has a flat, unlooped and smooth surface.

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There are many aspects that have to be taken into consideration in choosing the right promotional products and it is therefore advisable to turn to professionals with the necessary expertise. A full-service agency consists of professionals and is always up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the promotional products industry. They can help you to choose the right advertising media, define the target group, create and design logos and/or slogans, and they also sell many of the currently successful promotional products. A full-service agency basically handles all aspects of the advertising process.

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