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Eco-friendly promotional products are products that are made using environmentally-friendly materials and/or manufactured using environmentally-friendly methods. The trend towards environmentally-friendly living and products is not only popular, but also internalised by many consumers. Regardless of whether food, clothing or commodities, it is becoming increasingly important to consumers that products are environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly products are also associated with being healthy and many people believe that eco-friendly products are better for the health than normally manufactured products. Clothing that is made from eco-friendly materials results in less allergies, food from organic farming is healthier than food from conventional farming that is often produced using chemical substances, etc. Caring about the environment and the health of your customers leaves a positive impression. Eco-friendly promotional products do not have to be premium products, they can also be giveaways. In order for your customers to immediately recognise environmentally-friendly products, your eco-friendly promotional products should bear a recognised seal. The range of eco-friendly products among suppliers of promotional products is constantly increasing.

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Elastane or Spandex is a synthetic elastic fibre used mainly to improve the comfort and fit of clothing. Elastane is exceptionally elastic, easy to clean and shape-retaining.
Normal T-shirts usually contain between 5-7% elastane and body-tight T-shirts usually use up to 30% elastane.
Basically, a higher percentage of elastane ensures a tighter fit on the body.

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Embroidery is a very popular method for stitching logos and designs onto promotional products. Embroidered textile promotional products look elegant and exclusive, and are extremely durable; making embroidery one of the most popular textile finishing processes. The desired designs are stitched onto the textile promotional products, giveaways and advertising media (e.g. caps, bags. etc.) using high-speed, computer-controlled sewing machines.
Embroidery can be done in several colours or only one colour. One major advantage of embroidered promotional products is their wash fastness and associated high quality and durability, which is due to the fact that embroidery is done using thread that has been dyed in the same way as the textiles, making the fading of the embroidered designs almost impossible.

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Employee Gifts / Awards are promotional products or gifts that are given to employees as a thank you on a special occasion or to show them the company's appreciation for a specific service or performance.
Employee gifts or awards are given, e.g. on jubilees, anniversaries, birthdays or at Christmas.
Employee gifts and awards have been proven to have a positive effect, particularly in the case of long-standing employment relationships, where staff feels appreciated on receiving employee gifts or awards in the form of promotional products and gifts, and consequently go about their work with a positive attitude, which naturally also affects their productivity and performance.

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Engraving is one of the most durable and exclusive ways to decorate promotional products, promotional gifts and giveaways. It is used mainly for the personalisation of prestigious advertising media made of metal, such as fine writing instruments or storage cases/etuis.
The process uses a laser beam to accurately burn art into the uppermost layer of a promotional product, giving the engraving the colour of the promotional product's core material. Laser engraving enables the highest possible precision, whilst maintaining the typically high durability of an engraving.

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EPS stands for 'Encapsulated PostScript' and is one of the most common file formats used for the creation of logos on promotional products. The format offers the opportunity to digitally scale and modify logos (enlarge, reduce, stretch, etc.) for the production of promotional products and advertising media without any loss of quality.
Data and logos in EPS format can be easily processed by graphic design tools such as Adobe Illustrator and can also be processed by most suppliers of promotional products without any difficulty when manufacturing advertising media.

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Euroscale refers to the norm for four-colour printing (DIN 16539) with the colours cyan, (blue) magenta (red), yellow and black (CMYK). Most proofs are produced using the Euroscale.
Euroscale is used mainly in the offset printing process (e.g. the printing of catalogues, flyers, etc.) and less in the manufacturing of promotional products and advertising media.

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An event is a function that attracts a lot of attention and usually has something special to offer. They can be either external events for customers or internal events for employees and staff. Special events are usually fondly remembered and remain in the memory of the subject for a long time. If you employ promotional products at such events, then they will always be remembered in connection with the event, which means the promotional product will leave behind a positive impression. Events can also be a place to establish business contacts or make sales. Events for employees and business partners usually focus on motivation and the presentation of new products that are about to be launched onto the market.

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Executive Gifts describe a more exclusive category of promotional gift. The term executive gift is used to describe all promotional products with a value of above € 20. Executive gifts often target the personal sphere of the recipient. The recipients are usually business partners, who are not only long-standing customers or partners, but have also acquired services and products on a larger scale from the promoting company, and thus attained the corresponding level of importance (e.g. key accounts). Examples of exclusive executive gifts could be, for example, a luxury wristwatch, a set of golf clubs or an exclusive set of writing instruments. There are many renowned manufacturers of brand-name products that also offer their products as exclusive promotional products and gifts in the executive gifts segment.

Promotional products that are given to the customer as executive gifts are usually of a very high quality and stylish design, and convey one's appreciation for the customer or business partner. The imprint on such promotional products is usually very subtle and done using a very high quality finishing process (e.g. laser engraving). Promotional products in the form of executive gifts are usually not designed to acquire new customers, but rather to maintain and look after existing customer relationships.

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PSI Exhibition in Düsseldorf

Europe's leading trade fair for the promotional products industry is held in Düsseldorf at the beginning of each year. An international trade platform, the PSI Exhibition brings together promotional product suppliers and distributors from all corners of the globe. All the latest trends and innovations for the coming business year are showcased here. The PSI Exhibition is a high-profile market place delivering contacts and information, and representing a valuable resource for the promotional product industry.

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The term Eye-Catcher refers to graphic and text elements that serve to attract attention to the advertising message.

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