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DAS is based upon a promotional product data standard which was jointly developed by PSI and leading manufacturers and distributors in 2010 at the request of the promotional product sector.

The resulting technical platforms and PSI Online Services were then created by software companies in close collaboration with PSI.

Promotional product manufacturers can use DAS to feed their product data quickly and simply into the PSI Product Finder 2.0, the new distributor showrooms or the distributors' catalogues. Promotional product distributors can use DAS to obtain comprehensive information on manufacturers' product ranges and stock levels.

Data can be imported into Product Finder 2.0 via separately programmable connectors for each individual manufacturer or by using the PSI Article Management Tool..

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This printing process is suited to promotional products, giveaways and promotional gifts with unusual forms and/or complicated colour gradients (e.g. images or logos with gradients).
The printing of the design with ceramic inks first occurs indirectly onto a carrier film, which is then transferred onto the actual promotional product. The subsequent firing process ensures the durability of the colours on the promotional product (e.g. by making it dishwasher-safe) and equals that of ceramic screen printing.

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Denim is a durable cotton fabric known for its enormous wear resistance and used mainly in the manufacture of jeanswear. Different washes (e.g. stonewash) are used to give the finished product an individual appearance and fashionable appeal. The density of the fabric is measured in ounces per square yard.

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A design can be protected by registering it as a registered design at the patent office. The relevant aspects here are the visual design characteristics in their entirety; in contrast to 'normal' patents, technical specifications are of no significance here. When employing promotional products and advertising media, it is therefore important ensure that registered designs are not being infringed. One of course also always has the option to register and protect one's own promotional product and advertising media designs. The advantage of this is that it would prohibit a competitor from using the same promotional products.

The prerequisites for registering a design are the novelty and distinctiveness of the design, respectively of the promotional product or advertising media. If the design is already used prior to being registered then it generally no longer fulfils the prerequisite of being a novelty in design; however, the creator/applicant is granted a six-month period of grace during which the design is still deemed a novelty.

The term of protection for a registered design is five years from the date of application and can be extended to a maximum term of 20 years.

The registered design grants the creator/owner the exclusive right to commercially use the design or model, be it as a whole or in part.

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Digital printing is generally the case when the computer and printer are connected online. The motifs for printing are first captured digitally, then edited on the computer (colour correction, layout, etc.) and finally sent to a connected printer for printing.
The use of digital printing is not so common in the manufacture of promotional products and advertising media. It is used mainly for smaller print runs of catalogues and brochures, as it allows the customer to avoid the expensive process of preparing printing plates.
Digital printing is an innovative printing process that enables the swift production of finished printed products and advertising media.

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Direct Marketing (also known as Direct Response Advertising or Dialogue Marketing) in marketing communication refers to advertising measures that address the prospective customer directly seeking a direct response (e.g. mailings, e-mail newsletters, etc.). Direct Marketing often also uses mailing inserts in the form of promotional products or giveaways as advertising media.

The subsequent marketing stage is called direct sales.

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Direct premiums are promotional products and advertising media that are supplied with a product as an incentive to purchase the product. Direct premiums in the form of promotional products can be in-packs, on-packs or bundles.

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Direct premiums in the form of promotional products and gifts represent an important tool in sales promotion. Their aim is to motivate the consumer to make the purchase, to help establish new products on the market or generally enhance the sale of existing products.
On-packs and in-packs are examples of direct premiums as advertising media. On-packs are attached to the exterior of the actual product and are therefore immediately visible to the consumer. In the case of in-packs, the promotional product is placed inside the packaging of the actual product.

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Direct printing on ceramic or glass promotional products and advertising media uses ceramic colours that are printed and fired onto selected glass or ceramic promotional products.
The print on the advertising media is resistant to scoring and scratching, dishwasher-safe and light fast.

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Drill is a heavy, strong, durable twilled cotton fabric, similar to denim, that is used to manufacture promotional products and advertising media. The strength and durability of this usually khaki-coloured fabric makes it a popular choice when manufacturing textile promotional products in the form of workwear and children's wear.

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Drirelease offers a patented blend of 85-90% synthetic/hydrophobic ('water-hating') fabrics and 10-15% natural cotton/hydrophilic ('water-loving') fibres.
Textile promotional products and advertising media that are made with this material combine the wear comfort of cotton with the advantages of synthetic fibres. drirelease quickly absorbs moisture from the skin and pushes it to the outside. The material dries four times faster than pure cotton, has a soft and natural feel, and is pill-resistant, colour fast and shape-retaining. drirelease ensures high-quality textile promotional products and advertising media.

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A Dummy is a realistic mock-up model of a promotional product, giveaway or advertising medium; the dummy version of the promotional product is usually not fully functional (e.g. a USB sticks without storage).

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