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Vector graphics are computer-generated graphics in which graphics elements, such as lines, shapes and colours are stored within the file as mathematical formulae. Lines are defined by where they start and end, and squares are defined by the lengths of their sides and angular orientation.
Vector graphics are especially suited to graphics and logos, and are the most popular format in the promotional products industry for creating, processing and printing advertising on promotional products and advertising media.
One major advantage of vector graphics compared to pixel graphics is that not every dot has to be saved and this results in smaller file sizes, making it very easy to electronically communicate graphics files to the manufacturers and suppliers of promotional products and giveaways (e.g. by e-mail). In addition, vector graphics allow you to scale images without any losses in quality and ensure the optimal printing quality of an enlarged logo on promotional products.
The most well-known and widespread graphic design tools for creating and processing vector graphics are Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. The majority of images that are used in the manufacturing of promotional products and gifts are created using these programs.

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Viscose is becoming synonymous with and used to make rayon, a soft and highly absorbent, man-made, chemical fibre.

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