02.02.2018 13:57 Uhr PSI

Oh no! For real? The GDPR – and what I definitely need to know about it!

25 May 2018. Go ahead and put a big fat circle around that date on your calendar. In red. Or put a reminder deep into the heart of your digital device ...

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29.01.2018 13:28 Uhr PSI

Show me your sustainability profile and I’ll tell you how successful you will be

Or at least how well accepted your company is. And this acceptance level, of course, also translates 1:1 into your competitiveness ...

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19.01.2018 14:16 Uhr PSI

2018: Ways to a digital strategy even for small companies

For the first time ever, the promotional products industry in Germany breached the sales benchmark of €3.5 billion in 2017. But it gets even better: according to the latest PSI Industry Barometer, the European promotional products industry is expecting ...

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11.12.2017 16:50 Uhr PSI

Speed date with the future of promotional products

How can I, as a promotional products entrepreneur, position myself in a crises-proof way and stay successful in 2018? Get the best out of my business? And protect it as much as possible? Even against...

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21.11.2017 09:53 Uhr PSI

Sustainable innovation: The 2Go cup deposit system at PSI 2018

As the first trade show worldwide, the PSI in cooperation with Mahlwerck Porzellan has created a Coffee2Go deposit system for the upcoming PSI Show ...

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26.10.2017 16:03 Uhr PSI

Excerpt* from the PSI 2018 regulations

Notes on PSI 2018 The PSI Show in Düsseldorf is the leading trade show of the European promotional products industry. All market participants meet at the beginning of each...

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25.10.2017 08:33 Uhr PSI

“Blue Sky”: China’s blue miracle for the promotional products industry?

China’s aim of having a “Blue Sky” is closely intertwined with long-term investment programmes launched to pump billions into key technologies and infrastructure ...

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18.10.2017 14:00 Uhr PSI

viscom and PSI Show will move closer together

With both covering related communication and advertising themes, viscom and the PSI Show have a lot in common. That's why viscom, Europe's Trade Fair for Visual Communication,...

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18.10.2017 14:00 Uhr PSI

viscom trade fair to focus on Düsseldorf

For many years, the viscom trade fair has alternated between Düsseldorf and Frankfurt each year. This will now change. Going forward, viscom will always take place at the...

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16.10.2017 09:45 Uhr PSI

Pie in the sky – China and its “Blue Sky” initiative

China has discovered its environment. From largest emitter of greenhouse gases to front-line eco fixer. “Blue Sky” is the magic word and the objective. A change of heart in record time...

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