16.04.2018 12:49 Uhr PSI

Why sustainability has become the trust currency in a world of “Fake News”

Ever wonder how Charlie Chaplin might approach his 1930s cinematic masterpiece “Modern Times” today? What would he call it? “Crazy Times”? After all, we’re living in the age of “Fake News”...

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10.04.2018 08:27 Uhr PSI

Between advertising and getting sent off the pitch: The football World Cup and the fine line for advertisers

In the year of the World Cup, many question marks still float around the football-crazed globe, while only one thing is certain: a lot of money will be made – again. And so it’s only natural that everyone wants to get a foot on this easy-to-convert assist to score a goal for their business. Which they can’t do just like that...

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22.03.2018 16:09 Uhr PSI

The future of online promotional products shops? Bright!

We’re once again hearing and reading a lot about the online retail giants. Amazon, Zalando, Otto, Alibaba: they’re all expanding, they’re virtually everywhere – and, most importantly, they’re insatiable! And isn’t Amazon, almost like spray foam, already pushing...

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20.03.2018 10:49 Uhr PSI

The restructuring of marketing departments: less human, more algorithm

As promotional products consultants, we’re a part of the marketer profession, aren’t we? Granted, we must constantly fight for recognition – but that issue has its own interesting history. Keyword “price marketing”. But let’s not even open that can of worms today...

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07.03.2018 10:14 Uhr PSI

PSI Industry Barometer Europe: The soaring sustainability level of the promotional products industry in numbers

Diesel driving bans – now they’re coming after all! Environmental protection, with the judiciary showing the political community how it’s done. And let’s be honest: Would you have counted on it? This has been going on for years, after all. But no more...

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06.03.2018 14:35 Uhr PSI

Marketing mix reloaded – promotional products at the service of offline advertising

Advertising that constantly gets consumers’ undivided attention? Who is capable of achieving this today? This is like squaring the circle, I can hear you murmur...

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28.02.2018 08:33 Uhr PSI

Is mobile online advertising on the verge of extinction? And what is in it for promotional products?

The times where virtually unlimited advertising budgets were pumped into hard-to-control Internet spheres, seem to be gone. A “Coalition for Better Ads”, which power-monger Google is also a member of, now intends to put a stop to annoying digital advertising on mobile screens...

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02.02.2018 13:57 Uhr PSI

Oh no! For real? The GDPR – and what I definitely need to know about it!

25 May 2018. Go ahead and put a big fat circle around that date on your calendar. In red. Or put a reminder deep into the heart of your digital device ...

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29.01.2018 13:28 Uhr PSI

Show me your sustainability profile and I’ll tell you how successful you will be

Or at least how well accepted your company is. And this acceptance level, of course, also translates 1:1 into your competitiveness ...

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19.01.2018 14:16 Uhr PSI

2018: Ways to a digital strategy even for small companies

For the first time ever, the promotional products industry in Germany breached the sales benchmark of €3.5 billion in 2017. But it gets even better: according to the latest PSI Industry Barometer, the European promotional products industry is expecting ...

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