18.10.2017 14:00 Uhr PSI

viscom and PSI Show will move closer together

With both covering related communication and advertising themes, viscom and the PSI Show have a lot in common. That's why viscom, Europe's Trade Fair for Visual Communication,...

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18.10.2017 14:00 Uhr PSI

viscom trade fair to focus on Düsseldorf

For many years, the viscom trade fair has alternated between Düsseldorf and Frankfurt each year. This will now change. Going forward, viscom will always take place at the...

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16.10.2017 09:45 Uhr PSI

Pie in the sky – China and its “Blue Sky” initiative

China has discovered its environment. From largest emitter of greenhouse gases to front-line eco fixer. “Blue Sky” is the magic word and the objective. A change of heart in record time...

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09.10.2017 08:13 Uhr PSI

Digiconomy: The analogue scream for attention...

The digital economy is booming with no end in sight. Taking place in Cologne in September, this year’s dmexco once again provided an impressive snapshot of the powerful digital economy...

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19.09.2017 08:17 Uhr PSI

“Those who can match the sustainability performance of brand suppliers will be ahead.”

Record participation in what’s already the third PSI Sustainability Awards, markedly more sophisticated submissions, top-notch winners’ profiles and the accentuated contours of a Sustainable League within the European promotional products industry...

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14.09.2017 10:43 Uhr PSI

The toy spy that came from the children’s room - Smart toys and the very data-hungry caterpillar

Something’s afoot in German children’s rooms. Following kids’ own computers, touchpads and other gadgets, their toys are now coming to life, too...

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24.08.2017 13:20 Uhr PSI

Will blockchains spare my business as a promotional products seller?

Are blockchains the next big thing, enough to soon make the Internet obsolete? Three out of four DAX-listed companies are already working with this technology. Thousands of startups, buoyed by over $1.5 billion in venture capital...

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23.08.2017 08:42 Uhr PSI

Blockchains and promotional products? - What the one has to do with the other

No, not a blockbuster! A blockchain! It’s something we’re hearing more and more about these days, especially in connection with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that for many has an ominous ring to it...

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22.08.2017 10:06 Uhr PSI

New face in PSI Cross Media sales team

At the beginning of August, Julian Coronato joined the PSI Cross Media team as a sales executive. The 27-year-old bachelor of business administration will primarily advise and...

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03.08.2017 07:49 Uhr PSI

Open the gates, it’s back to school. Or is it?

Ah, the school holidays – one man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. While some are just starting out their holidays, pupils from neighbouring federal states are getting ready ...

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