03.08.2017 07:49 Uhr PSI

Open the gates, it’s back to school. Or is it?

Ah, the school holidays – one man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. While some are just starting out their holidays, pupils from neighbouring federal states are getting ready ...

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21.07.2017 08:06 Uhr PSI

What’s going on with digitalisation? - Much ado about nothing?

And what in the world is a CIO? Well, it’s definitely not the latest hype, because the issue first arose around the year 2000. You know, the turn of the millennium...

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18.07.2017 14:30 Uhr PSI

Promotional products as mindstyle products - Downshifting as a lifestyle

No trend without counter-trend. Says an old marketing rule. Almost a maxim of life. A thoroughly digitalised life? Without me, say more and more contemporaries – so many that they’ve long ago...

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30.06.2017 12:33 Uhr PSI

The promotional products industry is entirely future-oriented - Well, not entirely...

No! One small area populated by indomitable promotional products producers still holds out against the future. For them, progress cannot be slow enough. And this has consequences...

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20.06.2017 09:09 Uhr PSI

Life as a data stream - Islands of calm and lifelines: Analogue product worlds

Our everyday life is being digitised at breakneck speed. Our professional and personal lives are being measured digitally. The boundaries between them are getting blurred...

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06.06.2017 08:02 Uhr PSI

Value-added tax greetings from China - Is third-country tax fraud finally being stamped out?

There’s something afoot in the EU. Third-country providers are busily deploying online sales platforms to siphon off sales. Without tax ID – and without paying the required value-added taxes, of course...

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04.05.2017 07:34 Uhr PSI

PSI Sustainability Awards 2017: More winners than ever! - Application deadline extended through 1 June 2017!

While the economy is accelerating its drive to position itself sustainably, this year’s PSI Sustainability Awards 2017 are entering the home straight, as well...

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25.04.2017 08:46 Uhr PSI

PSI Sustainable League 2017 - The downloadable sustainability compass for users

The submissions and results of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2015 – 2016 provide us with insights into the sustainability profile of the promotional products industry...

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25.04.2017 08:29 Uhr PSI

How much CSR is in my company? How much in my competitor’s?

The EU’s CSR reporting mandate went into effect on 1 January 2017. Indirectly, this change has forced the promotional products industry to show its colours, as well. Participating in the PSI Sustainability Awards counts as...

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25.04.2017 08:16 Uhr PSI

Deal or no deal? - Sustainability is trending up – even in the Trump era

Lots is happening in Donald Trump’s test lab of politics. He’s failed thus far to fully implement any of his grandiose campaign promises. He’s constantly being thwarted by somebody in the US system of checks and balances...

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