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11.06.2018 14:16 Uhr PSI

Nothing but waste: The past, present and future of plastic promotional products

Every year since 1972, 5 June has been elevated to World Environment Day. This year’s day of action took aim at plastic waste, which threatens to suffocate our Blue Planet. The EU is in the process of banning certain plastic products...

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30.05.2018 15:59 Uhr PSI

Haptic direct mail from promotional products pros: 10 tips for creating high-response mail campaigns

The GDPR is both a curse and a blessing. A curse because we’ll have to delete many of our customers from the online distribution lists we use for our e-mail and newsletter campaigns. A blessing because we’re finally forced to use our creativity and our haptic know-how to win back lost customers and gain brand-new ones...

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18.05.2018 08:49 Uhr PSI

Voice search SEO: How to feed the virtual assistant in the search engine?

Tough times for those who like to see things relative: it’s impossible to overestimate the relevance verbal communication with virtual assistants will soon have in all areas of life. Algorithms are becoming interoperable...

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08.05.2018 09:44 Uhr PSI

PSI Distributor Sales has been reorganised

Ralf Uwe Schneider has been Head of Distributor Sales since November 2017. Ralf Uwe Schneider has reorganised his team in order to further optimise the availability of contact...

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02.05.2018 12:50 Uhr PSI

The next level: Voice marketing

In our last post, we went as far as recommending in general that all companies should encode change in their DNA. We’re continuing the theme today by talking about voice marketing...

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23.04.2018 08:28 Uhr PSI

Watch out, online shops: A wave of threatening warning letters is coming!

“What now?” you might think to yourself. If you run an online shop – and in the promotional products industry, that’s quite a few people – be careful with the payment options offered. Otherwise, things could get expensive...

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16.04.2018 12:49 Uhr PSI

Why sustainability has become the trust currency in a world of “Fake News”

Ever wonder how Charlie Chaplin might approach his 1930s cinematic masterpiece “Modern Times” today? What would he call it? “Crazy Times”? After all, we’re living in the age of “Fake News”...

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10.04.2018 08:27 Uhr PSI

Between advertising and getting sent off the pitch: The football World Cup and the fine line for advertisers

In the year of the World Cup, many question marks still float around the football-crazed globe, while only one thing is certain: a lot of money will be made – again. And so it’s only natural that everyone wants to get a foot on this easy-to-convert assist to score a goal for their business. Which they can’t do just like that...

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22.03.2018 16:09 Uhr PSI

The future of online promotional products shops? Bright!

We’re once again hearing and reading a lot about the online retail giants. Amazon, Zalando, Otto, Alibaba: they’re all expanding, they’re virtually everywhere – and, most importantly, they’re insatiable! And isn’t Amazon, almost like spray foam, already pushing...

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20.03.2018 10:49 Uhr PSI

The restructuring of marketing departments: less human, more algorithm

As promotional products consultants, we’re a part of the marketer profession, aren’t we? Granted, we must constantly fight for recognition – but that issue has its own interesting history. Keyword “price marketing”. But let’s not even open that can of worms today...

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