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09.10.2018 15:28 Uhr Members

Goldstar launches digital catalogue service

Customers of Goldstar, the pens specialists, can now easily and quickly - typically within 24 hours - have their own personalised high-quality digital catalogue, emblazoned...

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02.10.2018 16:19 Uhr Members

Giving Europe partner event: Eventful days in Barcelona

At the end of September, Giving Europe invited its business partners from the promotional product industry to a three-day summer event in Barcelona. 94 participants from 13...

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01.10.2018 11:54 Uhr Members

PF Concept: New sustainability report submitted

PF Concept continues to intensively address the topic of sustainability and provides impulses. The holistic approach of anchoring sustainability aspects in all core business...

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01.10.2018 11:24 Uhr Members

Double reinforcement for the Promidata team

In early September, the German-Dutch Promidata team was reinforced by two new faces: Noah Pelzer and Jordy Kleijkers. As part of their studies, both are doing a six-month...

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24.09.2018 16:41 Uhr Members

terminic re-certified for "Print CO2compensated"

Since 2012, terminic GmbH has participated in the climate initiative of the printing and media associations, offering its customers the option of climate-neutral production...

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24.09.2018 16:23 Uhr Members

MYRIX supports reforestation project

MYRIX GmbH will donate 50 trees for a reforestation project in Weißensand. "Sustainability and the protection of nature are central to our generation and future generations....

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21.09.2018 13:01 Uhr Members

Sprintis launches EcologiQ line

Two flap bags in sizes C4 and C5 and three delivery note envelopes in C6, C5 and DIN long are new in the online shop of Sprintis, the Würzburg-based distributor of products for...

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21.09.2018 12:57 Uhr Members

FiLEREX: Growing with innovation

The "USB for filing" standard was introduced to the market by FiLEREX when the patent was issued in 2015. With headquarters in Berlin and production in NRW, the company targets...

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17.09.2018 17:28 Uhr Members

Klio-Eterna: New trainees welcomed

This year, the team at Klio-Eterna Schreibgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, Wolfach has once again welcomed new trainees. Three new junior employees will be accompanied on the path...

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13.09.2018 12:06 Uhr Members

Mypromo Service: Heike Lübeck takes over management

Mypromo Service GmbH, a subsidiary of Geiger-Notes AG, will have a new managing director as of 1 October. Heike Lübeck, head of marketing and product management at Geiger-Notes...

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