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18.01.2016 18:04 Uhr Members

STABILO Promotion Products: New sales force member

Marjana Moll has been working as part of the sales force at STABILO Promotion Products since last December. The 34-year-old business economist has many years of sales...

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15.01.2016 14:01 Uhr PSI

After PSI is before PSI

The last day of the trade show is underway. But planning for next year is already moving full steam ahead. As early as Friday morning, more than 50% of exhibitors had already...

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15.01.2016 13:59 Uhr PSI

Fresh cookies from knusperreich

knusperreich bakery served up delicious masterpieces at the PSI Show. Crafted from carefully selected organic ingredients, these cookies are perfectly suited for the...

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15.01.2016 13:57 Uhr PSI

Anniversary champagne reception

It was that time again on 14 January to recognise companies celebrating 25, 30, 40 or 50 years of membership in the PSI. A total of 19 anniversary guests gathered at the...

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15.01.2016 13:55 Uhr PSI

Party, fun and inspiration

PSI 2016's party zone was well attended last night. Enjoying local specialties such as currywurst and bitterballen, guests had a blast dancing, laughing, even talking shop here...

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15.01.2016 13:52 Uhr PSI

PSI 2016 - Day 3

PSI exhibitors once again hosted a number events and activities that captured visitors’ imagination, including LM Accessoires with the stars of their "Pop Idol"-style talent...

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14.01.2016 17:20 Uhr PSI

PSI 2016 – what’s in store for you tomorrow

The last day of the trade show will start at 9 am and finish at 4 pm. It’s your last chance to explore the latest trends and developments. A number of exhibitors will entice...

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14.01.2016 17:17 Uhr PSI

This visit paid off!

We’re delighted to announce the first winner of the safe game at the PSI’s exhibition stand. Franziska Jäkel from the company Gedankendenker was very excited when the PSI’s...

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14.01.2016 17:13 Uhr PSI

Fashion show with live singing performance

A number of textiles suppliers are presenting their fashionable work and leisure clothing. Today’s well-attended shows at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm delighted...

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14.01.2016 17:08 Uhr PSI

Industry Barometer 1/2016 presented at PSI

Economic prospects, corporate structures, sales markets and sales drivers: the third PSI Industry Barometer, which was just presented at PSI, delivers an overview of the...

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