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30.07.2019 13:10 Uhr Members

Böckling: Seven decades steeped in tradition

2019 marks the seventieth anniversary of the founding of Böckling GmbH & Co. KG. The third-generation family-owned company has long since made a name for itself in the...

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24.07.2019 11:21 Uhr Members

Wera "screwdriver" takes to the skies

As you know, the tool rebels at screwdriver manufacturer Wera love to challenge standards and present unusual ideas. Wera is now taking screwdrivers to the skies. The...

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19.07.2019 15:17 Uhr Members

Sanders Imagetools: Distribution rights secured for MyCoffeebag

In 2015, with the development of the miniature coffee filters, the Lower Franconian manufacturer MyCoffeebag focused on the continuing trend of "preparing single cups" and the...

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18.07.2019 15:36 Uhr Members

Halfar: New logistics centre

After just ten months of construction, building work on the new external warehouse of the promotional bag manufacturer Halfar comes to an end in August. The 7,100 square metre...

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18.07.2019 15:13 Uhr Members

Goldstar’s International Team Building Day

When thinking of team building, does anyone think of gathering eggs? No. But, as the unanimous success of Goldstar’s Team Building Day showed, eggs are no yolking matter in...

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17.07.2019 16:16 Uhr Members

Textile finisher with new reinforcement

The experienced textile finishers at Stickerei Merkel have a new colleague. Since January 2019, Soledad Schäfer has been supporting the back office team where she is...

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10.07.2019 17:29 Uhr Members

REFLECTS: Expert workshop under the direction of DIM

REFLECTS GmbH in Cologne is currently working on a restructuring of the company themed REFLECTS FOR FUTURE. In order to better meet the challenges of customers in the coming...

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09.07.2019 10:58 Uhr Members

Karl Knauer: Award for luminous magazine cover

Packaging specialist Karl Knauer and buch exclusiv were together awarded one of the coveted "diplomas" at the Berlin Type Award 2019. The award was presented in Berlin for the...

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09.07.2019 10:05 Uhr Members

elasto creates new collection made of bio-plastic

elasto form KG – elasto for short – the experienced specialist for promotionally effective products made of plastic, focuses on the environment and has launched a new...

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08.07.2019 17:11 Uhr Members

Goldstar: Investment in expansion continues with new job roles

DAs Goldstar-Europe continues to enjoy significant growth of around 22 per cent, the company is taking on staff to fill a wide range of positions. Goldstar currently has...

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