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10.09.2019 11:14 Uhr Members

JAMES & NICHOLSON sponsors Artland Dragons

The JAMES & NICHOLSON brand of Gustav Daiber GmbH from Albstadt is again sponsoring the Quakenbrück-based Artland Dragons basketball team in the second division of the...

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09.09.2019 16:33 Uhr Members

Brands Fashion: Textile label Green Button seen as progress

At a press conference in Berlin on 9 September, the German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller (CSU), presented the new, state seal “Green...

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09.09.2019 16:32 Uhr Members

Promidata: Exclusive collaboration with PromoTron

Promidata BV, Heerlen, has announced that it became the exclusive distributor of the online visualisation tool TronLogo for the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of August...

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04.09.2019 13:27 Uhr Members

Olaf Fischer leaves Giving Europe

The Dutch promotional product supplier Giving Europe GmbH has announced that Olaf Fischer has decided to leave the company at the end of September 2019. "Over the past three...

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02.09.2019 16:47 Uhr Members

Goldstar Global Launches

Goldstar has launched Goldstar Global, uniting its teams in North America and Europe to offer best-in-class promotional products, innovative decoration capabilities, and...

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29.08.2019 15:53 Uhr Members

Brandcharger: Mike Stas is back

Since 1 August, Mike Stas has been back at Brandcharger, a supplier of electronic devices and chargers for the promotional product industry. "A logical step in the light of the...

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29.08.2019 12:52 Uhr Members

mbw®: New headquarters with ecological accents

Wanderup near Flensburg in northern Germany has been the home of mbw®, a manufacturer of popular advertising media with a guaranteed smile, since it was founded in 1980. Over...

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22.08.2019 16:09 Uhr Members

Halfar: New customer service representative in the field

Since the beginning of August, Marcel Neuhaus has been reinforcing the operational team of the Bielefeld-based bag manufacturer Halfar and advising customers in the postcode...

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22.08.2019 12:45 Uhr Members

CDH: Second generation joins company

Computer Division Heinemann (CDH) from Radevormwald has welcomed another new addition to the company: At the beginning of August, Carl-David Heinemann, the second son of...

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21.08.2019 14:30 Uhr Members

Karlowsky Fashion presented "Green Generation"

Karlowsky Fashion GmbH, a long-standing manufacturer of high-quality branded clothing for the hospitality industry, presents the "Green Generation" collection. The new, highly...

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