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Introduction to Social Compliance Audits - CSR Awareness Trainings

Duration: 1 Day

Kooperation Intertek

Compliance with recognised workplace and social standards (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) proves increasingly important as a competitive factor on the global market. The public – and especially the media – is attaching more and more attention to companies’ social and ethical behaviour at home and abroad.

By proving they comply with recognised standards companies secure their economic success, strengthen their reputation and boost their brand integrity long term.

Target Group

This training addresses sourcing managers, CSR and audit managers as well as anyone considering having their companies audited by a social standard and/or in the run-up to an audit and wanting to acquire in-depth knowledge.

Aims of Auditor Training – Your Benefit 

This compact training provides participants with a comprehensive overview of existing audit programmes and initiatives for workplace and social standards, their background and scope as well as content.

These include SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment). Furthermore, participants learn what to consider to successfully complete a social audit.


A. Background to and Relevance of CSR audits

B. CSR-Audit Initiatives, Standards and Programmes

C. Audit Process: Audit Preparation, On-Site Execution and Follow Up

D. Points of Departure and Components of a CSR Audit

E. Core Themes and Specific Questions of a CSR Audit

F. Practical Non-Compliance and Best Practice-Examples



Flexible (travel expenses € 150 in Germany, or by consultation)


1 Day (8h) in your company


€ 1,080 (incl. 20% PSI), incl. seminar documents, certificates for all participants

Service included

Lecture, seminar documents, certificates for all participants

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