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FAQ Certificates

What certificates/certifications/awards can be submitted?

Certificates/certifications/awards bestowed for non-legally-binding achievements in sustainability. What matters is the respective company’s intrinsic value. 

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Do sustainability certificates or awards get considered in the evaluation?

It depends on the weightiness of the certificate or award; they may be submitted as “Other certificates”. Then we’ll internally assess the weightiness of the certificate or award. 

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Are Codes of Conduct imposed by companies taken into account?


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Are logos accepted as proof of certification?

No. A logo isn’t certification.

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How old can certificates/initiatives be?

Submissions, awards and seals are limited to the current calendar year, plus the last five full calendar years.

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What is a sustainability report?

A sustainability report makes reference to a defined time period (from – to) in which set goals and achieved results are documented using your performance figures. In other words, reporting is a snapshot of a company in its entirety, under consideration of CSR and sustainability criteria (production, products, vehicle fleet, carbon footprint etc.). Covering the entire spectrum isn’t necessarily required. It’s enough, for example, to pick out one segment and make it transparent. (One example: Water and energy consumption as well as the use of materials are critical production factors. New technologies or improved equipment led to reduced consumption. The sustainability report comprises the deployed technology and/or equipment and quantifies the savings).

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What is data protection?

A privacy officer is responsible for ensuring data protection in a business. This person may be a company employee or an external privacy officer retained by you. 

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