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Why is the number of submissions for Categories 4 and 5 limited to just one?

To challenge companies to carefully consider and select the initiatives they submit. 

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Which products are ineligible to participate in the Sustainable Product Award?

Freely available merchandise, prototypes or individual 3-D-printed products. Also excluded are services and intangibles.

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Can I enter freely available merchandise?

No. Only products produced in-house (regardless of country of manufacture), products for which you have exclusive distribution rights, and special designs are eligible.

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Which categories are judged by a jury?

Categories 4-8 are judged by a jury. 

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What certificates can I submit for the product category?

Only product-related certificates are considered in the evaluation.

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What about products carrying legally mandated product safety labels?

Legally mandated product safety labels or labelling based on national or EU guidelines – such as the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG), the CE mark, Reach, RoHS etc. – will not be evaluated because they’re required by law. The principle of sustainability, however, is rooted in voluntary commitments, not legally mandated ones.

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My product is still in production. Can I submit a prototype?


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Where do I send my product?

Please send your product to the following address:

  • Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH
    Mr. Jan Simon Zander
    Völklinger Straße 4
    40219 Düsseldorf

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