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I need help with the application. Who can I talk to?

If you encounter any challenges, please get in touch with the PSI Marketing Team by calling +49 211 90191 or sending an e-mail to

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Who is eligible to participate in the PSI Sustainability Awards?

Any promotional products industry actor in Germany and abroad can submit for all categories of the international PSI Sustainability Awards: manufacturers and importers as well promotional products agencies and distributors. In addition, promotional products agencies, users and designers from Germany and abroad can submit for Category 6 (Sustainable Product) and Category 7 (Sustainable Campaign) of the international PSI Sustainability Awards.

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What information is required for my application in order to make my participation as efficient as possible?

Sustainability certificates/seals etc. that are not legally required, a sustainability report, a thoughtful application letter.

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I already participated in last year’s PSI Sustainability Awards. What criteria must I fulfil in order to participate again this year?

The PSI Sustainability Awards are aimed at supporting companies’ long-term, sustainable development. We’d expect any companies deciding to participate again to have made further improvements over last year. 

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