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DIN EN ISO Revision

Duration: 1 Day

Kooperation Intertek

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has revised standard ISO 9001 for quality management systems. The new standard ISO 9001:2015 was published on 23 September 2015 as expected. As a result of its implementation you will be faced with extensive changes. There are not only changes in structure (High-Level Structure) but also additional requirements, deletions and modifications. The aim is to create a basic structure for management standards as well as a broader support for the efficiency of processes in companies.

In this 1-day seminar we would like to prepare you in a targeted manner for the amended
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and provide you with the knowledge required. It is our aim to give you meaningful practical tips for the planning and successful implementation in your company.

Target Group

Professionals and executives, quality management executives, auditors, consultants etc. You are welcome to bring your own standards. 


A. Overview of the amendments in ISO 9001:2015 compared with ISO 9001:208

B. Adjustment to the New “High-Level Structure”

C. Process-Oriented Approach for the QM System

D. Risk-Based Approach for the QM System

E. Documented Information

F. Requirements made on Auditors

G. Tips for Practical Implementation

H. Transitional Provisions


Flexible (travel expenses € 150 in Germany, or by consultation)


1-day event (8h)


€ 1,280 (incl. 20% PSI), incl. seminar documents, certificates for all participants

Service included

Lecture, seminar documents, certificates for all participants

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