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Code of Honour

The PSI Code of Honour: demonstrating professionalism and responsibility

Congratulations on becoming a PSI member. Among other benefits, you're now entitled to download the Code of Honour issued by the PSI. That's because PSI members, by the mere act of joining PSI, have already qualified as exemplary companies in the promotional merchandise sector. As such, they more than others are called upon to implement through their everyday corporate activities the objectives embodied by the Code of Honour. Doing so isn't just good for business; it also enhances the image of the promotional products industry, which is defined in large parts by the demeanour and actions exhibited by industry players.

PSI member companies pledge to adhere to the principles spelled out in the Code of Honour for the following areas of concern: equal opportunity employment/non-discrimination, ethical business practices, competition law/protection of registered designs, anti-corruption, eschewal of hazardous substances, social legislation, environmental protection, data protection and quality standards. Thus, PSI members are highly responsible, professional enterprises with an important role to play as models to the outside world.

This PSI promise of conduct and performance corresponds to that of the Gesamtverband der Werbeartikelwirtschaft (GWW) and its member associations - so you should keep the text of the Code of Honour easily accessible at all times: as a checklist for your own business but also to document your high standards to your business partners.