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As a supplier, be sure to take advantage of this innovative way to display your products in the PSI Product Finder 3.0. It enables manufacturers to view your products from all sides, which also makes it possible to describe them in more detail during sales consultations.

360° Visualisation

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increased sales potential thanks to higher rankings in search queries
  • Detailed rendering answers possible customer questions
  • Zoom function shows even the tiniest details of your product
  • Score points against the competition with this innovative way to present products

Order your first visualisation now for just 155.00 EUR

Pricing structure

first visualisation only 155.00 EUR
2 to 5 visualisations 130.00 EUR each
6 to 10 visualisations 105.00 EUR each
each additional visualisation 80.00 EUR each