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PSI Best Practice Forum 2016 – Knowledge Sharing

30.11.2015 News Archive

PSI 2016 is establishing its own speakers' platform with the PSI Best Practice Forum. National and international experts from the promotional products industry and key associated communication and marketing specialities will share their real-world expertise exclusively with PSI members.


Promotional products today are so multifaceted that they've become essential pillars of marketing - and one of the most versatile marketing specialties of all. Object-centric, touchable advertising evokes emotion and scores points with high unprompted recall values, as evidenced in detail by an advertising impact study issued by the GWW, the German umbrella association of the promotional products industry.


Promotional products are a driver of brand communication, a key element of sensory marketing. As tactile media, they have a unique potential to stimulate sales and multiply impact.


What's more, promotional products as advertising media are promising also because they're versatile and able to respond to economic and societal trends. Featuring prominently on the agenda today are environmental concerns, including one of the megatrends of our time: sustainability.


It's a trend that won't ever go away again, since it's a key factor in the survival of our species - including the economy and society as a whole. Sustainable production and behaviour are here to stay; adopting these principles is an increasingly indispensable production and marketing element for promotional products companies, as well.


The PSI Best Practice Forum 2016 is responding to this trend by offering a programme for industry professionals with presentations in German and English that explore not just critical hot button issues but also areas of opportunity.


Topics covered include various facets of product and corporate sustainability, sales tips, product know-how, online marketing, the use of PSI tools like the PSI Webshop and the Product Finder, print technologies, recycling, product safety and data protection, current trends and figures from the promotional products industry, insights into the merchandising strategy of Borussia Dortmund, tips for startups in the promotional products industry, and the latest news on the hotly debated compliance issue.


Speakers will report from their everyday professional life, provide insights and share valuable tips on how to avoid mistakes, recognise opportunities and develop new potential for one's own business.


Your presenting colleagues want to convey these issues to you and look forward to your comments and questions following their lectures.


Click here to download the latest programme of the PSI Best Practice Forum 2016


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