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Entice customers, boost sales: the advent calendar sales campaign

01.12.2015 News Archive

Entice customers with the advent calendar sales campaign

The holiday shopping season is the most important time of the year for brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike. Two intense months - November and December - bring predictable sales increases year after year. The German Retail Federation (HDE) had already forecast excellent sales for 2014. And indeed, sales during the entire two-month holiday season came in at €85.5 billion, an increase of 1.2% over 2013. Online retailers alone were able to boost sales by 18% - to €10 billion.

The advent calendar sales campaign: 24 days of amazing deals

Sales should be booming again this year - no question. Nevertheless, retailers must be actively engaged. Whether you're selling your products in an online shop, a physical store or both, focus on sales campaigns that entice your customers to visit your outlet. The advent calendar is a great tool for such a customer sales campaign.

Here's what you'll accomplish with an advent calendar for adults: 24 days of deals that bring in customers during that time and bind them to your business. Because hidden behind each little door is a bargain, special offer or deal of the day.

Advent calendar sales campaign: 3 steps to crank up your holiday sales

Step 1: Decide which deals and specials to offer

Take a quiet moment to come up with ideas for this pre-Christmas marketing strategy. Brainstorm together with your employees - using the ABC brainstorming method, for example. But do channel your creativity and focus on concrete areas:

  • Address your target audiences.
  • Your ideas should be aligned with your customers.
  • Incorporate your assortment of products and goods.
  • Check which products and/or goods even allow for discounts, or ask yourself which products could be bestsellers or (loss) leaders.
  • Offer luxury
  • Many of your customers are specifically hunting down presents for their loved ones. So offer them luxurious options.
  • Highlight something special.


Make opening the little door of the advent calendar even more enticing. Put something very special behind some of the doors - like an invitation to an event (a book reading, or a baking or crafting event etc.), a coupon for a free cup of coffee or piece of cake at your shop's restaurant, or free delivery for purchases made at your online shop.

Step 2: Consider the busiest shopping days

Once you've picked out the bargains, daily deals and special offers, distribute them across the 24 little doors. But please don't do this haphazardly. As always: acting strategically ensures the best results - along with higher sales.

Consider a few of these marketing tricks:

  • Mega Monday, aka Cyber Monday.
  • The first Monday in December is usually the most important (online) shopping day.
  • That means your virtual or physical advent calendar should wow everyone with an amazing megadeal that day.
  • The four Advent Sundays.
  • Yes, it's ok to use Sunday, too. Sweepstakes or exclusive online offers serve to retain customers.
    The days leading up to Christmas.
  • Reserve particularly intriguing sales highlights for the week before Christmas.
    Campaigns for last-minute shoppers.

Three days before Christmas, start offering top deals for select gift ideas behind every door. You'll make it easier for last-minute shoppers to find something fancy for their loved ones.

Step 3: Design your advent calendar

Regardless of whether you choose to design your advent calendar yourself or hire a professional, consider the following pointers:

  • Integrate your corporate colours.
  • Leverage your company's colours to enhance name recognition.
  • Choose a meaningful image
  • which is one that matches the company as well as the target audience.
  • Make the design easy to read.
  • Both the numbers on the individual doors and the text hidden behind them must be easy to read. For virtual advent calendars, it's best to have a pop-up menu window open when the user clicks the link.
  • Select the right size
  • at least DIN A5 but no bigger than DIN A4, to make it easy and enjoyable for customers to put the advent calendar in their pocket while shopping. Alternatively you can direct-mail it to customers.

19 October 2015

Opening 24 little doors is pure joy.


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