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CHOICE: Showtime of the special kind

20.11.2015 News Archive

Great cinema was offered by the promotional product specialists Daiber, FARE, Halfar, Karlowsky, mbw and SND under the umbrella company JCK Holding in November. They presented their product show in a cinematic ambience - at the Frankfurt event cinema "Orfeos Erben". Following its premiere last year in Düsseldorf with a grand fashion show, the joint event of the six manufacturing companies Daiber, FARE, Halfar, Karlowsky, mbw and SND participating this year under the name CHOICE was entirely devoted to the cinema film. 200 new products were on stage for "CHOICE undiscovered 2016", the motto of this year's event. The CHOICE member companies had invited distributors from all over Europe as well as representatives of the international trade press. Experiencing the six CHOICE member companies together in action was something of a "sneak preview" of the PSI 2016 where FARE, Halfar, Daiber, Karlowsky, mbw and SND will be appearing at an 800 square metre joint stand. Read more about the presentation in the PSI Trade Show issue of the PSI Journal.




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