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ztv: Certificate for sustainable environmental management

03.09.2018 13:30 Uhr Members

On 9 August 2018, the german logistics service provider ztv received the environmental certificate 14001: 2015 according to DIN EN ISO for all sites from TÜV Rheinland for the first time. The preparations for this started in the spring of 2017. All processes in the company have undergone extensive analyses. To this end, ztv scrutinised procedures, systems, vehicles and devices with regard to environmental protection. The consumption values of water, sewage, electricity, heating costs, paper, accumulated amounts of paper and waste disposal and pollutant emissions were taken into account. Based on this data, ztv developed measures to reduce its environmental impact. For example, the recovery of heat reduces gas consumption, and optimised routes reduce fuel consumption by 5 per cent. The strict separation of waste results in 13 per cent less residual waste and more recycling. These and other new and integrated measures save valuable raw materials and at the same time make economic sense. All employees are involved in the measures and actively participate in implementing and complying with the new requirements. ztv attaches great importance to environmental protection, and the management is always open for employees’ ideas. "We see it as a challenge for our company to continuously improve the existing quality and possible impact on the environment. We can only provide our service to our customers in the required quality through the quality and environmental awareness of each individual employee," says ztv Managing Director Peter Kieffer. With the completed audit, ztv has anchored sustainable environmental and climate protection in all processes and services at all sites. Customers benefit from transport and logistics solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly.

Recertification of quality management DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

ztv has had an integrated and certified quality management system since July 2003. Thus, ztv has taken another step towards ensuring the quality of services today and in the future.

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