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iLogoTech GmbH: Power bank on list of best

10.05.2019 16:52 Uhr Members

The Hamburg-based company iLogoTech, a specialist in R&D, production, OEM, ODM and the marketing of power banks, jump starters, portable UPS, solar chargers, loudspeakers, charging cables, travel plugs and other electronic accessories for the promotional product industry, has made it to the top of the rankings of the ValueTech test forum. Of the 70 power banks tested, iLogoTech's premium brand USB-C Powerbank AlsterPlus took first place with the BUB160 model and second place with the BUB129 model. "The high quality of the iLogoTech products was impressively confirmed by this test," says co-founder Gokalp Ates. "The maximum total simultaneous output power is 156 watts. In addition to two USB-C ports, two standard USB-A ports are integrated. The AlsterPlus power bank incorporates lithium batteries with a capacity of 27,000 mAh. Thanks to the 100-watt USB-C ports, a complete charge should be possible within just one hour. According to the product specifications, conventional lithium-ion cells supplied by LG or Samsung are used. Such cells are also installed in electric cars such as the TESLA Model S", says Ates when describing the performance of the devices and adds: "A special feature is the USB hub capability. In addition, data can be transferred between all devices connected to the power bank with USB 2.0 speed." More information is available at:

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