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WISA ENSCHEDE: New Manager of General Affairs

20.11.2019 10:16 Uhr Members
 | Anouk Sannemann and Folkert Brink.

Anouk Sannemann and Folkert Brink.

When Anouk Sannemann became the sole Managing Director in 2016, managing WISA ENSCHEDE BV was nothing new for her. With her many years of experience alongside her father, Willy Sannemann, who established the supplier of printed balloons and paper products for many (festive) occasions, she knew the family business "from the ground up". In order to ensure the highest possible standard of performance for the coming years, Folkert Brink – the life partner of Anouk Sannemann – was brought to the company at the beginning of September 2019 as Manager of General Affairs. He is responsible for product safety, industrial safety regulations, personnel matters and sales, as well as for helping shape important, comprehensive policies and procedures in the context of company policy. Previously, he spent 10 years as a sales consultant for a Dutch plastics company.

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