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Sprintis launches EcologiQ line

21.09.2018 13:01 Uhr Members
 | Johann Fischer (left) and Managing Director Christian Schenk present the EcologiQ products.

Johann Fischer (left) and Managing Director Christian Schenk present the EcologiQ products.

Two flap bags in sizes C4 and C5 and three delivery note envelopes in C6, C5 and DIN long are new in the online shop of Sprintis, the Würzburg-based distributor of products for printing and advertising media needs. By buying products with the EcologiQ logo, new plastic waste is avoided as recycled film is used. All products meet the standards of post-consumer recycling (PCR). An additional feature of the flap bags is an additive manufactured by EPI Environmental Technologies Inc. This additive alters the molecular structure of the plastic to make it biodegradable. The bags dissolve completely within 18 to 24 months in the soil and in water. The FSC-certified backing paper of the delivery note envelopes guarantees paper production from sustainable cultivation. Product manager Johann Fischer is the driving force behind the introduction of the EcologiQ line is. "I have been looking for projects and manufacturers of sustainable products as I am also privately involved in environmental protection. At the same time, customers' inquiries about biofilms were becoming more frequent. I am pleased that the issue is now being addressed by mainstream society and that Christian Schenk is an ardent supporter of this topic." Christian Schenk, Managing Director of Sprintis:" We want to contribute to a reduction of our ecological footprint. As a family-run business, we have a responsibility to leave an intact planet to future generations." The SPRINTIS EcologiQ line is rounded off by the carbon neutrality of the products. "We chose natureOffice as our partner. They determine the CO2balance for the products that are to be made climate neutral, and neutralise the emissions generated by domestic and worldwide environmental projects. We chose the projects initiated by natureOffice: Togo and reforestation in Germany," says Fischer.


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