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Schneider: Inauguration of new “blulog” building

11.08.2017 10:33 Uhr Members
 | The large blue building cube has a conspicuous impact on the industrial estate in Tennenbronn.

The large blue building cube has a conspicuous impact on the industrial estate in Tennenbronn.

A large blue building cube has a conspicuous impact on the industrial estate in Tennenbronn/Germany. Three years ago, Schneider acquired the domicile of the former Zehnder antenna factory and converted, extended and renovated it from the ground up. The property is located roughly two kilometres from the headquarters and offers much-needed space for the finished goods warehouse and worldwide logistics. On the first weekend in July, Schneider revealed what is hidden behind the outer facade. The official inauguration ceremony was held in an empty hall of the new building on Saturday with the approximately 400 employees from the headquarters in Tennenbronn. On Sunday, the public was invited to visit. What appears to be cohesive graphics from a distance is less obvious when perceived from the inside. The technology of the full-surface printed textile facade originally comes from trade show construction and was adapted for year-round convenience. A total of approximately 2,200 square metres of polyester were processed and printed with a multilayer printing process. The new facade saves the company from shading with electric blinds, without making it much darker inside. The blue cube was given the name "blulog" which says something about its appearance and function: "blu" stands for Schneider’s blue corporate colour which spans the building. The second name component "log" stands for logistics and thus for its application. On a total of 5,800 sqm of usable floor space, all finished products from the production plants in Tennenbronn and Wernigerode will be stored, customer orders will be commissioned and dispatched all over the world in the future. State-of-the-art IT technology will be used so that the entire processes can be performed by only about 15 people. The English sound of the name fits the internationality of the company and makes a reference to international logistics. Investment in a lot of new environmental technology in the building was also made to meet the high environmental requirements of the EMAS-certified company. A 23 KW combined heat and power plant and a 44 KWp photovoltaic system are part of the equipment. In-house power generation and heat generation have also been integrated at the other sites of the company for many years. Furthermore, the building has electric charging stations for lorries, cars and eBikes.

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