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Schneider: ISO 9001:2015 added to management systems

09.08.2018 12:35 Uhr Members

The certification organisation Intechnica Cert GmbH confirms that Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH fulfils all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This standard has gained acceptance around the world as an assessment standard for quality management systems. Schneider recently received the certificate, which applies to all divisions of the company, for the first time following a successful audit. Apart from the company headquarters in Tennenbronn, the branch in Wernigerode was also certified. This international management standard stipulates the requirements placed on the quality management system in order to be able to provide products and services that fulfil official requirements. The certification verifies that all of Schneider’s processes meet international standards and are constantly monitored, inspected and improved. Schneider has also been certified in accordance with EMAS, the world’s strictest environmental management system, since 1998. 

The audit of the two management systems and the related introduction of High_Level_Struktur allowed Schneider to make use of the opportunity to combine the quality and environmental requirements (ISO 9001:14001 und EMAS) into an integrated management system. This makes the planning, control, monitoring and improvement of all processes or procedures related to quality and the environment to be united and controlled in a single system. This enables a remarkable utilisation of synergies between the individual systems and pooling of resources. 

Around 530 employees develop and produce around three million writing instruments every day at the certified plants in Tennenbronn (Schramberg) and Wernigerode. The high level of vertical integration, which is above 90 per cent, is a particular hallmark of Schneider in the industry. Controlling all the aspects of the manufacturing process, right down to making their own tools to be used in the machines, enables a maximum of quality, flexibility and control. The many years of experience in quality control and generally in the various production divisions simplified the certification process considerably. The auditor was very satisfied with the implementation in the operation. Now the documentation of the procedures is to be further optimised. The word from Tennenbronn is that the ISO 9001 certification makes Schneider ideally positioned for the future.

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