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Ritter-Pen GmbH: New trainees welcomed

14.08.2019 15:36 Uhr Members
 | The new

The new "trainees" (left to right): Shila Karimi, Lukas Gebhardt, Lennon Manns.

This year, Ritter-Pen GmbH has again welcomed three new trainees for their start in professional life. Shila Karimi, Lukas Gebhardt and Lennon Manns begin training as industrial clerks in the office of the writing instrument manufacturer in Brensbach. The high number of employees who have been taken over or are still employed at the company and who have completed their vocational training at Ritter speaks for the sound teaching and the associated perspective at the Odenwald-based manufacturer. In the administrative sector alone, this applies to two-thirds of the employees.

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