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Promidata: Exclusive collaboration with PromoTron

09.09.2019 16:32 Uhr Members

Promidata BV, Heerlen, has announced that it became the exclusive distributor of the online visualisation tool TronLogo for the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of August 2019. This technology can be used in all promotional webshops as well as promotional content and of course in other countries. The tool allows webshop visitors to easily upload their logo. The logo is immediately visualised in 3D directly on the product images throughout the webshop to ensure you get an accurate idea of the finished product. The advantages: Time savings for visualisation and faster execution of an order. TronLogo is a software application developed by PromoTron Solutions a.s. (Prague) specialising in software customer solutions and promotional product (3D) services in the promotional product industry.

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