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Poul Willumsen relies on recycled plastic

30.07.2019 15:19 Uhr Members

The experienced Danish injection moulding manufacturer Poul Willumsen is also placing more emphasis on ecology. At the PSI 2019, the company unveiled its newly developed green line of money boxes and piggy banks made from recycled materials. And now its popular key fobs are also made of recycled plastic. Bo Willumsen, Managing Director of the specialist, explains, "After the product development stage, we were completely satisfied with the appearance, haptics and quality of the recycled plastic and are now producing most of our piggy banks and money boxes using this material. Since the PSI Trade Show, we have been working to expand our recycled product line and are pleased to now be able to produce a number of our key fobs in recycled material using injection moulding. We are very proud of this because we have been working for a long time to find the right material that meets our high quality standards – and we have now managed to implement that. "So nine of the popular Willumsen key fobs are now available in the eco-friendly version, which are particularly suitable for customers with a "green" corporate identity. The elegant, flat metal ring is engraved with "Recycled Plastic – Made in Denmark". The new key fobs are of high quality and are as durable as the original acrylic PMMA key fobs.

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