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PF Concept uses compostable packaging

17.02.2020 16:07 Uhr Members

PF Concept takes its role as a sustainable and responsible manufacturer and leading drinkware supplier seriously. The company is continuously working on improving its products and finishing methods and has announced the replacement of the packaging for two of its drinkware collections produced in Europe. From now on all Americano® and H2O Active orders will be packed in compostable bags. This means moving away from PE packaging which, despite being recyclable, is not recycled in many countries. PF Concept has been testing various packaging models for 18 months. Ralf Oster, Managing Director of PF Concept, comments: “The challenge is to protect promotional products from scratches and damage during transport, and thus also to protect your brand. When we tried to discontinue using plastic bags, there were many alternatives that offered less protection, were difficult to dispose of, or were very inefficient in production, which meant they were actually less sustainable than a plastic bag. We think the new compostable bags are a good solution that leaves nothing to be desired.” The material from which the packaging is made consists of GMO-free potato starch and is suitable for both domestic and industrial composting. The end user can therefore compost the bags at home or dispose of them in organic waste. Composting requires no more than microorganisms and moisture. Room temperature is also sufficient to start the process. Each bag is delivered with a printed disposal note.

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