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PF Concept: New sustainability report submitted

01.10.2018 11:54 Uhr Members
 | With its new

With its new "Green Concept" brand, PF Concept now offers a diverse range of envi-ronmentally friendly products.

PF Concept continues to intensively address the topic of sustainability and provides impulses. The holistic approach of anchoring sustainability aspects in all core business issues of the company as well as in the global supply chain is illustrated by many examples in the second "Serious about Sustainability" Report. In the current publication, PF Concept examines the topic from different perspectives and addresses all core issues and the supply chain, such as the company's own management as well as sourcing, products, logistics, production, customers and employees. The promotional product multi-specialist continues to be focused on compliance, but also tries to act more sustainably in all areas. As announced in last year's Sustainability Report, PF Concept has become a member of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, or BSCI for short, and is also undergoing external third-party audits. 

"Green Concept" with environmentally conscious products 

One way to raise awareness of pressing environmental issues, such as waste plastics, is to promote products that are more sustainable alternatives. PF Concept responded with the "Green Concept" brand. Under this name, customers are offered a diverse range of environmentally friendly products on which they can present their advertising message. Green Concept focuses on alternatives to disposable items, such as bottles and paper cups. The selection of promotional bags is made, for example, from natural materials such as cotton and jute to replace disposable plastic bags. The new Sustainability Report 2018 and the Green Concept brochure can be downloaded at

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