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New trainees at mbw

13.08.2019 12:39 Uhr Members
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The "newbies" at mbw (left to right) Lena Desler, Laura Jebe and Celina Hansen.

mbw, the supplier of popular advertising media from Wanderup near Flensburg, looks after its trainees in exemplary fashion. At the beginning of August 2019, Celina Hansen started a three-year traineeship as a specialist in wholesale and foreign trade at mbw. The high school graduate from Wanderup will gain insight into the various departments as well as extensive practical experience during her training at mbw. Last year, Lena Desler and Laura Jebe started their traineeship at mbw as e-commerce specialists. This new traineeship includes not only traditional business training but also aspects of online commerce, thus creating a solid and broad base for future professionals. mbw is one of the first companies to offer this traineeship. "It is part of mbw's ethos to provide young people from the region with sound and qualified training, thus paving the way for a good career future. Maintaining and developing specialist skills as well as strengthening regional ties are an integral part of our corporate philosophy," says mbw's Managing Director Jan Breuer.

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