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Karlowsky Fashion presented "Green Generation"

21.08.2019 14:30 Uhr Members

Karlowsky Fashion GmbH, a long-standing manufacturer of high-quality branded clothing for the hospitality industry, presents the "Green Generation" collection. The new, highly fashionable workwear and leisurewear comes from sustainable production. The polyester used is made from recycled plastic. The design of the shirts and pants corresponds to a fashionable streetwear style and fits every sphere of ​​life – from the kitchen to leisure sports. "The textile industry is one of the industries that usually puts a heavy strain on our environment. The use of recycled materials for the manufacture of workwear and leisurewear contributes to reducing damage to nature and humans. In addition, the 'Green Collection' proves that the combination of sustainability and modern clothing is convincing," says Managing Director Thomas Karlowsky. "With our latest 'Green Generation' collection, we have succeeded in combining workwear and leisurewear which was previously not common practice", added he with conviction. More details below:

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