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Karl Knauer Group: BRC certification completed

18.12.2017 Members

Karl Knauer KG has been BRC certified at its Biberach/Baden location since the end of September. Until now, this only applied to its plant in Neuenstein. Above all, the customers of the packaging specialists benefit from this increased flexibility. The BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard specifies quality and safety requirements for packaging and packaging materials to ensure safety for their intended use and packaged goods. This standard is now especially demanded in the food industry. Compared to the standard ISO 22000, stricter criteria are applied. The Karl Knauer Group is thus positioning itself even better as a specialist in the food packaging sector.

About the Karl Knauer Group
The core competencies of the Karl Knauer Group are innovative packaging and promotional products as well as gift boxes made of cardboard, corrugated board and paper. With three sites in Germany (Biberach, Neuenstein) and Poland (Pniewy), the company is one of the leading suppliers in the packaging sector.

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