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Karl Knauer: Award for luminous magazine cover

09.07.2019 10:58 Uhr Members

Packaging specialist Karl Knauer and buch exclusiv were together awarded one of the coveted "diplomas" at the Berlin Type Award 2019. The award was presented in Berlin for the high-quality design and innovative implementation of the luminous magazine cover for the exclusive periodical of the "Circle Porsche 918 Spyder". The jury of experts were convinced by a magically luminous, spectacular infinity effect with an extreme penetration which captivates the viewer as soon as he presses the start button on the book cover. The "Eye Catcher" was created with HiLight-smart LEDs® technology developed by Karl Knauer. "With this technology, it is possible to integrate light in an extremely flat, aesthetical and functional way into any paperboard, corrugated board or paper product. In this way, we achieve a new dimension in POS placement for our customers and their brands. A quantum leap in marketing is thus possible. More and more marketing managers recognise the enormous marketing potential of luminous packaging for their brand appearance," explains Martin Glatz, Head of Sales, Marketing, Research and Development at Karl Knauer KG.

The third edition of the Porsche 918 Spyder Circle Periodical was created by Karl Knauer KG in a joint project with buch exclusiv GmbH, on behalf of the agency ECD GmbH & Co KG and its tour operator Pure Travels GmbH in Stuttgart.

For 51 years, the Berlin Type Award has evaluated outstanding achievements in the planning, creation and implementation of print products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In doing so, it attaches particular importance to the successful combination of creativity and relevance and is considered by the marketing industry to be an important innovation barometer.

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